Violent protests continue against the controversial Bahran Grand Prix 2012. Over 50,000 anti-government protesters gathered in the capital Manama, just 25 miles away from where the international event took place. The drivers paraded in front of rows of empty seats. Formula One earns its money from TV rights and corporate sponsors, not from selling tickets which was compensated by the billionaire oil-rich ‘royals’. Watch a video below.

Why the Formula One decided to hold the Grand Prix international racing event in Bahrain against peoples’ protests this weekend? The Zionist Jewish President and CEO f Formula 1, Bernie Ecclestone believes it’s worth it – because it will provide some sort of legitimacy to pro-USrael regime that has committed appalling crimes against its own people by holding a three-day carnival of glamour and speed.

In 2008, The Time, had described Bernie Ecclestone as a “Jewish businessman”. British Jewish Chronicle in its April 11, 2008 issue claimed that Ecclestone is a ‘Crypto-Jew’ and only 6% kosher! Forbe 2011, listed Ecclestone as the fourth richest person in UK, worth $4.2 billion.

In 2009, in an interview with Jewish owned Time, Ecclestone, claimed that Adolph Hitler was not a bad person as the media like us to believe.

Last year, former US Senate candidate, Mark Dankof, in an interview with Press TV claimed that United States is protecting Bahrain’s Khalifa family rule for Israel.

“I am part of the American Right in this country that has consistently opposed the type of foreign policy that the United States has been pursuing in the Middle East. Well does it relate to supporting the Zionist state, without question, as it also relates to supporting a series of regimes in that part of the world that clearly do not have popular support, and in the long run, it is simply going to take a foreign policy based in force for this whole status quo to continue,” said Dankof.

Steven Baxter, in an article, published in British daily New Statesman, wrote: “I’m an F1 fan but I can’t watch the Bahrain Grand Prix“.

“There is talk of “civil unrest” but this is more than a few protesters. This is a reaction to torture on a widespread scale, and it is being glossed over with a glamorous sporting event. Look at the shiny cars! Don’t look at the teargas and the batons!

But I cannot bring myself to watch this weekend’s event. This weekend is not about sport; it’s about a huge bundle of cash being handed over in return for putting a veneer of respectability on a despicable regime. Deep down, the drivers, sponsors, teams and journalists must know that something isn’t right. How can you enjoy the thrill of the contest itself when you know that’s going on at the same time?

This whole shabby episode brings to mind those shameful cricket and rugby tours of apartheid South Africa during the 1980s. Sure, a lot of people are going to make a lot of money this weekend – some with a heavy heart, others just doing their jobs and trying to block out what’s going on in the background. But deep down the drivers, sponsors, teams and journalists must know that something isn’t right here. Something is deeply wrong, and by agreeing to participate, by saying that they will be there, they are letting it happen, and letting it continue.

Hopefully, Bahrain will not disappear from the headlines, and if nothing else this weekend, the only positive to take will be that more people than before knew about the human rights abuses going on there. That will be some semblance of a success to take from this grubby, grubby mess.“

Bahrain was part of Persia till 1783 when it was captured by al-Khalifa family with the help of British colonialists (just like the Saudi family did in Najd). The Sheikhdom has population of 738,000 out of which 235,000 are non-citizen. Shia Muslims citizens make 70% of the total Muslim population. The ‘royal’ family, however, is pro-western Sunni.

The tiny oil-producing Sheikhdom, is a strategically vital island that hosts the US Navy’s 5th Fleet at Juffair, near Manama since 1947. The base houses 4,200 US military and civilian personnel.

Formula One: ‘Bahrain, Israel and the Jew’ | Rehmat\'s World