The Kairos, an international Christian NGO group, with branches in 45 nations, has condemned Israeli ambassador in Washington, Michael Oren’s last month Op-Ed piece published in the Wall Street Journal (March 9, 2012). The WSJ is owned by the disgraced media-tycon Israel-Firster Rupert Murdoch.

“In this inaccurate and manipulative text, Oren, Israel’s ambassador to the US, blames the plight of Palestinian Christians on oppression at the hands of Palestinian Muslims – rather than at the hands of the illegal Israeli occupation itself, as is our reality,” said Kairos Palestine statement dated March 17, 2012.

In the Op-Ed Michael Oren also blamed Muslims for the Christian exodus from Palestine. The lying Zionist ignored the historical fact that both Muslim majority and Christian minority lived in almost peace for over 1200 years before the creation of the Zionist entity in May 1948. Even at that time, Christians made 15% of the population which has reduced to less than 4% under Israeli rule during the last six decades. According to Israel Central Bureau of Statistics (2010). the Christians make 1.66% under Jewish rule while 2% under Muslim rule in Gaza and the West Bank.

Jew racists like Oren don’t like the Christian world to know that while Jewish Holy Book Talmud curses Jesus, his mother Saint Mary and the Christians at large – Muslim Holy Qur’an declares both Jesus and his mother as Allah’s chosen people like David and Moses. Unlike Israel, Christian priests are not spit on their faces in Muslim-majority Gaza Strip and the West Bank – nor copies of Christian Bible (NT) are reported burned.

Michael Oren, like any Zionist bigot, claimed Israel to be a democratic state. Interestingly, last year, Oren’s fellow Israeli Jew columnist, Gideon Levy, called Israel a half democracy.

“What sort of democracy is this, if exactly half the state’s residents don’t benefit from it? Indeed, can the term “democratic” be applied to a state in which many of the residents live under a military regime or are deprived of civil rights? Can there be democracy without equality, with a lengthy occupation and with foreign workers who have no rights? And what about the racism?,” wrote Gideon in Israeli daily Ha’aretz.

Hanna Massad, pastor of Gaza Baptist Church, says: “The last 5 years have been very difficult for all the Palestinians – Muslims and Christians“. Gaza Baptist Church is one of only three churches serving the 4,000 Christians living among the Gaza Strip’s 1.5 million inhabitants. Hanna explains how the siege united the community. Because of the lack of basic food, Christian charities have provided food for families, 99% of which are Muslim. During the 2009 bombings, “the church ceiling fell down up to 6 times“.

With all the Jewish religious hatred toward Christianity – Oren still boasted Israeli society’s tolerance toward Christian community. In 2008, Rev. Gary Cass, of the Christian Anti-Defamation Commission summed up the plight of Christian minority in Israel.”Will McCain and Obama turn a blind eye to the suffering of Christians in Israel? Both Obama and McCain say they want change, but do either of them have the courage to challenge the powerful Jewish lobby in America? Will either of them demand true religious liberty for Christians and all faiths in Israel as a condition of American support of Israel, including the right of Christians to share their faith with Jews?”

In February 2012, Christians visiting the Baptist House church in central Jerusalem for Sunday Mass were greeted with anti-Christian graffiti painted in Hebrew on the outside wall. The graffiti, when translated in English, means “We will (Jesus) crucify you” and “Death to Christians” – and crude insults against Jesus and his mother Saint Mary (reported by AFP). In addition to the gaffiti, tyres of three cars parked near by were slashed.

Palestinian Christian minority played prominent part in arm struggle against Jewish occupation of Palestine. On December 1967 – Christian George Habash established the Popular Front for Liberation of Palestine (PFLP). It has refused to recognize the Zionist entity and left PLO for signing the notorious Oslo Accords. PFLP political leadership resides in Syria with members in Gaza, the West Bank, Lebanon and Syria. It’s committed to establishment of ‘One Palestine State‘ under democratic-socialist order with equal rights for all its citizens – both Natives and foreign Jews.

In 1968, Pope Cyril VI banned the travel of Egyptian Copts to East Jerusalem until it’s liberated from the Jewish occupation.

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