Turkish President Abdullah Gul was recently interviewed by Benjamin Pauker, senior editor of Ziocon mouthpiece, Foreign Policy magazine. Gul told Pauker that he can understand Iran’s desire to develop their nuclear capacity – and that he is not convinced that Iran is planning to make a nuclear bomb.

“I can understand Iran’s desire to develop their nuclear capacity. But I cannot say anything as to whether they are planning to make nuclear weapons. I’m one of those that believe this has to be resolved diplomatically. All these statements that Israel makes about making war – I think this is wrong. Whether or not we like a country, every country has their honor and their national feelings. I don’t mean to in any way disregard the threat perception on the part of Israel either, but it’s very important to look at issues from a broader perspective“.

Both the US and Israel have threatened Iran with military attacks on several occasions.

Abdullah Gul believes that Turkey can provide a model for the new waves of Islamic democracies sprouting across the Arab world. However, his words sound very shallow considering Ankara’s support for the brutal pro-West dynasties in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Jordan and Qatar to name a few.

On Turkey-Syria conflict – Gul says Turkey and other anti-Bashar regimes will not be happy without a pro-USrael regime change in Damascus. He also warned both Russia and Iran that they should also join anti-Bashar Zionist warmongers.

“After all this bloodshed, we have reached the point of no return. But Russia and Iran can’t keep carrying his water. They have to be a part of the international community and must act jointly to resolve this crisis,” Gul told Pauker.

Gul also spoke about Turkish-Israeli relations and said ties between the two countries haven’t deteriorated just because of Turkish government. “That’s a very wrong image,” he said, adding that what happened was that there was an attack on a humanitarian aid ship 72 miles off the coast, in international waters, and nine Turks were killed.

“That’s not something we can forget. And until Israel does the things it needs to do, one cannot speak of a normalization of relations,” he underlined.

Gul said Israel does not really appreciate the value of their friends and those who govern Israel at the moment do not seem to have a farsighted look in the long term. He noted that Israeli leadership seems to be more engaged in a shortsighted strategic outlook. “That seems to be the problem.”

The same could be said about Turkey too. Ankara has not broken its diplomatic relation even knowing that the Zionist regime will never apology for its act of terrorism. Gul has just to look at how Israel has turned American Jewish spies working for Israel as national heroes. Jonathan Pollard and Stewart David Nozette to name a few of them.

Last year, President Abdullah Gul, in an Op-Ed in Jewish-owned The New York Times had warned both Netanyahu and Obama that Arab Revolution is aimed at Israel.

President Abdullah Gul and his wife Hayrunnisa Gul are practicing Muslims. She, like prime minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s wife Emine Erdoğan, wears Muslim Hijab – are not allowed to accompany their husbands during country’s national receptions. Hijab has been a thorny matter between the so-called ‘Islamist’ government and the secular establishment including Turkey’s Kemalist Army.

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