UN Human Rights Commissioner Navi Pillay, in a statement issued last Wednesday put the Zionist entity among world’s top human rights abusers such as such as Belarus, Zimbabwe, Egypt, Ethiopia and Venezuela.

She pinpointed Netanyahu government’s racist laws against non-Jewish minorities, peace activists and restriction on funds by foreign governments to NGOs working in the occupied Palestine.

“In Israel, the recently adopted Foreign Funding Law could have a major impact on human rights organizations, subjecting them to rigorous reporting requirements, forcing them to declare foreign financial support in all public communications, and threatening heavy penalties for non-compliance,”said Navi Pillay.

The Jewish ‘UN Watch’ group has criticized Navi Pillay for her anti-Semitic statement. Last year, the group had demanded that UNHRC fire its special envoy for Palestine, professor Richard Falk for exposing Israel’s continuous human rights violations.

UNHRC blasts Israel for human-rights abuses | Rehmat calling