Last night, the President of world’ sole Super-power, Barack Obama. sneaked into Kabul under the darkness of night and left the country ahed of dawn. Though, it was meant to be a deliberate Hollywood-style election stunt on the first anniversary of Osama Bin Laden’s fake assassination in Pakistan – it also showed how coward the US Forces’ Supreme Comander is.

It was a secret visit to the capital city of Afghanistan which has been occupied by US forces since December 2001. Two hours after Obama’s military plane left Afghanistan’s airspace – Taliban showed what they may had done if they knew about Obama’s secret visit to Kabul. Two major explosions rocked Kabul, killing seven and injuring another 20.

The Taliban claimed credit for the attacks, which began with a suicide car bomb that went off near Jalalabad Road at 6 a.m. and was followed by a much larger explosion two hours later. Taliban leaders told media that they targeted Green Village, a heavily fortified compound home to many westerners including US Department of Defense contractors. Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid claimed that the attack was a direct response to Obama’s visit.

“This delivers a message to President Obama that he is not welcome in Afghanistan. When he is in Afghanistan, we want him to hear the sound of explosions. Afghanistan does not want his imposed strategy,” said Mujahid.

Obama’s trip to Kabul was so secret that the White House refused to confirm or deny the trip even though Afghan media claimed the secret landing of Obama in Kabul. Obama drove to the Presidential Palace in Kabul where he was received by Hamid Karzai. Both leaders signed a 12-page agreement under which Washington pledged to protect Karzai regime for 10 years after US-NATO forces leave Afghanistan in 2014.

Later he paid a quick visit to US troops at the Bagram Military Airbase, north of Kabul. Addressing hurriedly rounded up top military officials – Obama boasted how he succeeded killing Osama Bin Laden on this day, one year ago.

Now compare Obama’s sneaky trip to Kabul with Iranian President Ahmadinejad’s visits to US occupied Baghdad in March 2008 and in Kabul in March 2010. In both cities, Ahmadinejad receieved a hero’s welcome. Both were announced several months ahead of the visits and Ahmadinejad drove in open-car through the streets in day light without military protection.

“Obama tried to make a virtue out of absurdity, referring to a “new light” breaking on the horizon for Afghanistan, even as he gestured to the “pre-dawn darkness” in which he was speaking, but even Obama oratorical skills couldn’t disguise the tail-between-the-legs ‘optics’ of the event. It was terrible,” wrote Peter Foster in The Telegraph, May 2, 2012.