Israeli daily, the Times of Israel reported on April 23, 2012 that students watching a Holocaust play ‘Ghetto’ at Tel Aviv’s Cameri Theatre applauded Nazi soldiers beating and killing Jews.

“Hit him harder,” one student cried out as a Nazi soldier beat a Jew.

“Well done,” shouted another.

The play ‘Ghetto’ which portrays the life of Jews in the Vilna Ghetto in the early 1940s. The play was held on Holocaust Day and was attended by hundreds of high school students.

When the two-hour play ended, Leopold, who played the Nazi soldier, silenced the post-performance applause and addressed the audience. “I hope what goes on in your heart is different from what came out of your mouths,” Leopold said. “It was disgraceful behavior, embarrassing yourselves most of all. You also embarrassed the Jewish people and the Holocaust,” he said.

Education Minister Gideon Sa’ar on Monday condemned the students’ behavior, calling it “a disgrace that pains the heart“.

Students from four different high schools were in attendance – two from Rishon Lezion, one from Tel Aviv and one from Ramle.

Some of the actors, including Natan Datner and Rami Baruch, said the educational staff “didn’t lift a finger” to try to stop the catcalls. You expect students to know who’s good and who’s bad, “but they didn’t,” said Baruch.

Now compare this with Israel’s client US state which sentenced 10 Muslim students from University of California, Irvine to three year probation for challenging Israeli ambassador Michael Oren in February 2010.

Israeli students cheer Nazis at Holocaust play | Rehmat calling