Remember the Fundo Muslim Mohammed Merah who killed three Jewish children and a rabbi at Jewish school in Toulouse over six week ago after shooting three Muslim French soldiers. The Jewish school event was so important that France’s Crypto Jewish President Nicolas Sarkosy held an international funeral for the four Jews who were later buried in Israel.

What the Zionist mainstream media did not reveal that Mohammed Merah’s passport had Israel entry. Don’t take me wrong. I’m not suggesting that he was trained in Israel for terrorim by Mossad – he could have visited Israel to spend some time in some of Tel Aviv’s 280 Jewish brothels.

France is home to Europe’s largest Jewish community (500,000) – but they’re notoriously Jew haters, according to Jewish groups. However, French voters have no choice but to elect a Jewish President for the next four years, as both Hollande and Sarkozy are pro-Israel Jews.

According to Britisj Jewish Chronicle, May 3, 2012 – The president of the French Jewish student organisation has called on the University of Toulouse to combat antisemitism after a talk by Israeli students last week was disrupted by protesters shouting abuse, making threats and singing Jew-hating chants.

On April 25, a delegation of Israeli students were on a speaking tour in Toulouse. They’re met with students protesting against policies of the Zionist regime in occupied Palestine.

“They began shouting anti-Israel slogans and saying that Israel was a criminal state,” said Sacha Reingewitz, vice president of the UEJF. “They said Jews should be exterminated and that Israel commits genocide.”

The protesters demanded that the Israeli group remove the Israeli flag from their stall and when the group refused, they took it down by force.

“Security had to intervene – it was very upsetting,” said Reingewitz. “The protesters were saying ‘get out of here’.

Anti-Israel protest at French Campus | Rehmat calling