On March 3, 2012, Iranian-born Israeli opposition leader in Knesset, Gen. Shaul Mofaz, wrote on his Facebook page: “Listen closely, I will not enter Bibi government. Not today. Not Tomorrow. Not after I take the leadership of Kadima on March 28. This is a bad, failing and deaf government, and the Kadima that I will lead will replace it in the next election. Clear enough?“.

However, on Tuesday, Mofaz and Netanyahu cut a secret deal to form a Kadima-Likud government – and cancel new elections. Today, Mofaz is being sworn-in as vice prime minister and incharge of homefront defence. The merger will give Netanyahu’s government 94 votes in 120-seat Knesset.

The Zionist apologists are giving laughable spin to this surprise move. They’re trying to prove that a unity government will provide a united front against any possible American or EU move to accomodate Iran’s nuclear program and lift sanctions against the Islamic Republic.

On the other hand, there are Jewish voices inside and outside Israel which believe otherwise. For example, Israeli Ami Kaufman posted on his website ‘+972′. “The big picture is the disgusting politics, reaching a new low. A political sphere that has lost any credibility whatsoever. The damage these two have done is irreparable. How can anyone take any politician seriously now?“

American Jewish professor Juan Cole posted on ‘Informed Comment’ that “new Israeli government likely won’t launch Iran attack“. He argues that though Mofaz is in agreement with Netanyahu in attacking Iran, he doesn’t believe Jewish army can defeat Iranian force without the active participation of US Armed Forces.

“Mofaz has been sharply critical of reported plans by Netanyahu and his defense minister Ehud Barak, to launch a go-it-alone military attack on Iran’s nuclear enrichment program. Mofaz is not opposed to military action against Iran in and of itself, but wants it coordinated with the United States,” wrote Cole.

In an April interview with the New York Times, Mofaz said: “Let President Obama handle Iran. We can trust him“.

Some Israeli pundits believe that the merger could be Netanyahu’s way of neutralizing Kadima’s chance to win more seats in the next election. Netanyahu pulled a similary stunt earlier with Defense Minister Ehud Barak’s Haatzmaut.

The truth behind this merger is that Netanyahu and other Zionist Jewish radicals have come to the conclusion that with the defeat of Nicolas Sarkozy in recent French election, Israel is further isolated within normally pro-Israel European community. They feel that it will be very difficult to twist re-elected Obama’s arm to attack Iran on Israel’s behalf under changing politics and economic conditions in the West.

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