Last month, the pro-Iran British MP, George Gallowy, criticised Jemima Khan (daughter of British Jewish billionaire Lord James Goldsmith who converted to Islam to marry Pakistani cricketer, Imran Khan) for her claim in British daily The Statesment that George had converted to Islam in a ceremony in London 10 years ago. Jemima had claimed in the article that the ceremony was attended by members of the Muslim Association of Britain, which has denied her claim.

“I’ve never heard anything about that. I don’t know if George Galloway is a Muslim, but he is supportive of the Muslim community,” said a spokesperson for the Muslim Association of Britain.

In his rebuttal, Galloway accused Jemima of reporting “deliberate falsehoods” and making “schoolgirl howlers which would earn banishment from a first-year journalism class”.

Jemima’s claim regarding Galloway’s fourth marriage with Dutch anthropologist, Putri Gayatri Pertiwi 27, in an Muslim ceremony (nikah) in Amsterdam is not valid. Like Barack Obama, Pertiwi, is also of Indonesian extraction.

Islamic law doesn’t allow Muslim woman to marry a non-Muslim – though a Muslim man is allowed to have a Jewish or Christian bride. Furthermore, unlike Bible’s unlimited polygamy, Holy Qur’an only allows four wives under certain conditions and with very strong obligations.

Interestingly, the British Zionist media did not bother when Galloway took Muslim women as his second (Amineh Abu-Zayyad) and third (Rima Husseini) wives. In the West, non-practicing Muslim women marrying non-Muslim men – is not uncommon anymore. Many of such interfaith marriages have resulted in the bridegroom reverting to Islam.

Alex Brummer boasted in the Jewish Chronicle (August 14, 2008) that since her divorce from Imran Khan, Jemima’s “flirtation with Islam” is gone and she rediscovered her Jewishness and stopped criticizing Israel. “Khan did her best to disguise her Judaism. She has now rediscovered it and how her grandfather, a hotelier, was responsible for building the King David hotel in Jerusalem,” wrote Alex. King David Hotel was bombed on July 2, 1946 by Jewish terrorist group Irgun, headed by no other than Menachem Begin who later became prime minister of the Zionist entity and was awarded Nobel Peace Prize!

George Gallowy: