Two days ago, I read Ali Larijani’s warning to Israeli lap-dogs that a military action to bring a regime change in Damascus will engulf the Zionist entity.

“The US military officials probably have a poor understanding of themselves and regional issues because Syria is in no way similar to Libya, and (the effects of) creating another Benghazi in Syria would spread to Palestine, and ash rising from the flames would definitely envelop the Zionist regime,” said Ali Larijani, acting Speaker of Majlis (parliament).

The US military establishment is known for not learning lessons from its military humiliations in Korea, Vietnam, Somalia, Afghanistan and Iraq. However, the US generals do know that Israel’s myth of ‘invincibility’ was shattered in 2006 Lebanon War.

This bring me to a recent post by Janet C. Phelan (Jewish of mother side), an investigating journalist, author and poet, entitled Is 2013 the Real 2012?, in which she claims that Israel is being set-up for its destruction by attacking Iran.

“Israel was very likely set up to be destroyed. The government of Israel is just itching to get into this war with Iran, a war for which Israel is poorly prepared, defensively speaking. The much touted “Iron dome”, Israel’s primary missile defense system, only works for incoming projectiles that are launched from nearby, like Gaza (or Lebanon or Syria). Israel is largely unprotected from a fly-over. Factor in the state-of-the-art S-300 defense system possessed by Iran, and the odds that Israel will survive this war appears to be almost non-existent.

Israel wiped off the map due to all the trouble formented by the United States in the Middle East, culminating with a manufactured war with Iran and then a fatal bug, released through a selective mechanism such as the double line water system or the imposter pharmaceuticals – and there you have another Holocaust in making“.

Is Israel being set-up for destruction? | Rehmat's World