The ’33 Days’ film is an Iran-Lebanese co-production based on Jewish army’s military humiliation at the hands of Hizbullah’s fighters in July 2006. The film is directed by Jamal Shurjeh. The film cast includes Egyptian movie star Hanan Turk, Kinda Alloush from Syria; Carmen Lebbos, Darin Hamzah, Pierre Dagher and Youssef El Khal from Lebanon. The film was entirely filmed in southern Lebanon with $4 million budget. Jamal Shurjeh was honored with the Human Rights Award of Tehran’s Fajr Film Festival for ’33 Days’.

Currently, the film is running in theatres in Iran and Lebanon. It’s soon to be released in Iraq, Turkey and several countries around the Muslim world. However, it’s unlikely to be screened in the Zionist-controlled the US, Canada and the EU countries.

The film highlights Hizbullah’s resistance to defend Lebanon against world’s fifth most powerful army. Watch a video below.

After Israeli defeat, Israeli prime minister, Ehud Olmert, admitted in his testimony to the Winograd commission that his government had planned the invasion of Lebanon to destroy Hizbullah – four months before Hizbullah killed eight Jewish soldiers and took two as PoW on Lebanon’s side of the Lebanon-Israel border. Obviously, the Zionist regime used the Jewish soldiers as ‘a bait’ to make it an excuse to get ‘green light’ from Washington to attack Lebanon.

Israeli war planners have always considered Hizbullah as the ‘first line defense’ against Israel’s military attack on Iran since 2000 when Jewish army and its Lebanese Christian collaborators (Philangists) were force to withdraw from South Lebanon after 18-year occupation.

“Israel went to war to force the return of the soldiers, eliminate Hizbullah’s rocket supplies and push the militia north of the Litani river in southern Lebanon,” Olmert told the commission.

In the war, Israelis lost 147 soldiers while over 750,000 Israeli Jews took refugee in cities farther away from the border with Lebanon. Jewish army killed over 1,200 Lebanese including 47 Hizbullah fighters and forced one million Lebanese to become refugees.

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