The western-sponsored ‘Friends of Syria’ conferences in Tunisia and Turkey have failed to bring a pro-Israel (Muslim Brotherhood and Saudi-funded Salafi) regime in Syria. Both conferences were boycotted by Syria, Iran, Iraq and Lebanon.

Two days ago, Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov has proposed an international conference to resolve the Syrian insurgency. His proposal has met resistance from the US and Israel due to Moscow’s view that efforts to achieve peace in the Middle East cannot succeed without the participation of Iran in the dialogues.

“We proceed from the fact that Iran should be among its participants, along with countries neighboring with Syria and other states that have influence on Syrian sides,” Russian foreign ministry said in a statement today.

Earlier, Sergei Lavrov, warned foreign instigators that both Russia and China will resist any foreign military intervention in Syria to topple Bashar al-Assad. He said that this matter must be left to the people of Syria to resolve themselves peacefully.

Two days ago, Russia’s UN envoy Vitaly Churkin, in an interview with Rossiya TV channel, blasted ‘Friends of Syria’ for having only one track-mind; a pro-Israel regime change in Damascus.

“Firstly, we must not wait until July 6; secondly, we (Russia) believe that the Friends of Syria is detrimental as on the whole its activities are directed at finding various loops to overthrow the current authorities in Syria, instead of scrupulously implementing Kofi Annan’s plan,” said Vitaly Churkin.

However, the western backers of the ‘Friends of Syria’ are frustrated with their bastered child. The leadership of 90 anti-Assad militia groups are divided on their regime-change agenda. Some of them have called for immediate foreign military intervention while others are against applying military force to topple Assad.

On Friday, Obama’s special envoy to Syrian rebels, Zionist Frederic Hof, held meeting with Russian foreign officials in Moscow to bring Russia on board against Syria and Iran. Earlier on Wednesday, Israel-Firster, Hillary Clinton ranted that it was “hard to imagine inviting a country (Iran) that is stage-managing the Assad regime’s assault on its people”. As a self-denier, Hillary believes that every Muslim is working hard for the destruction of little Israel.

Moscow believes an international conference on Syria should be held under the aegis of the United Nations and should bring together the five permanent members of the UN Security Council, Syria’s neighbors – Iraq, Iran, Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey, and also Qatar and Saudi Arabia, as well as the League of Arab States and the European Union.

The West’s dislike of the Assad regime had nothing to do with its record of domestic repression – after all the Ben Ali, Mubarak, Ali Abdullah Saleh, Saudis and al-Khalifa regimes were also internally repressive and the West continued to support them. The difference lay in foreign policy. Syria has a long standing conflict with Israel. In the 1967 Six Day War Israel attacked Syria, Egypt and Jordan and seized 30 miles of Syrian territory. Indeed Israel still militarily occupies the Golan Heights. And Syria is allied to Iran, the main strategic threat to US interests in the Middle East. In addition the Syrian regime has given support to Hamas in Palestine and Hezbollah in Lebanon.

British Zionist journalist, Con Coughlin recently admitted in the Daily Telegraph: “Just imagine how the region’s fortunes would be improved if the Assad regime were overthrown and replaced by a pro-Western government. Iran’s supply lines to Hizbollah would be cut, thereby denying the militia access to the stockpiles of powerful missiles it uses to threaten Israel“.

Swiss investigating journalist, Silvia Cattori wrote recently that the Western media keep torturing its audience by faking stories about Syrian army murdering the civilian population. She point out the non-existence of the alleged bombing by government forces on March 23, 2012 that the press of the hegemonic powers described as “a deluge of fire in an incommunicado city“. The crimes of over 90 anti-Assad groups blamed on Syrian government – are fabricated by pro-Israeli organizations based in London and Paris.

Rainer Hermann PhD, Abu Dhabi-based investigating reporter, recently wrote in German daily Frankfurter Allgemeine that the Houla massacre was committed by western-supported rebels and that the victims were overwhelmingly Alawite supporters of Assad.

Bashar al-Assad is being demonized by the Zionist-controlled mainstream media as it did to Muammar Qaddafi for the last several decades. Qaddafi’s crime was he helped free Africans from the yoke of imperialism and colonialism. Qaddafi set up a banking system that would eventually have freed all of Africa. The entire western charade has been about removing Colonel Gaddafi from power because of his humanitarian and developmental projects in Africa and his plan to launch a gold-based currency, the Gold Dinar, which would have been too costly for selfish western financial interests whose only thought is to keep Africans poor, starving and robbed of their own natural resources.