Recently, Obama administration has succeeded installing Zionist Jews as head of two very powerful international policy-making forums – the United Nations and Amnesty International USA. As result of these appointments, Zioconservatives will be able to fool world opinion by manufacturing lies about Syria, Iran, Lebanon and Pakistan – as they did in case of Qaddafi last year.

The new Executive Director of Amnesty International USA – Suzanne Nossel is an Israel-Firster Zionist Jew. She worked for the late Ambassador Richard Holbrooke (a Crypto Jew) under the Clinton Administration at the United Nations. Fancis A. Boyle, former board of director of Amnesty International (1988-92) has called Holbrooke the Butcher of Balkans for his major role in the breakup of Muslim state of Bosnia-Herzegovina and ethnic-cleansing of 1.5 to 2 million Muslims.

Suzanne Nossel told ‘Jacob Blaustein Institute’ in January 2012 that she will make sure that Israel is not singled out by AI reports in the future for human rights abuses. “Looking back to what first sparked my own interest in human rights issues, it has everything to do growing up as an American Jew,” she claimed.

UN secretary-general Ban Ki-Moon, a US-Israel political poodle – has appointed Zionist Jew Jeffrey D. Feltman as the top UN political issues official for the Middle East. In his new position Feltman will be in a very good position to do UN’s shilling for Israeli wars against Syria, Lebanon and Iran. Before appointed to his current position of assisstant secretary of state for near-eastern affairs under Israel-Firster Hillary Clinton – Feltman had served as US diplomat in both Israel and Lebanon. Feltman has confirmed that his priority is to disarm Lebanese Islamic Resistance Hizbullah which defeated the Jewish army in 2000 and 2006.

As US ambassador to Lebanon (2004-08), the ‘shill of Israel’, Feltman was able to corrupt many politicians and sectarian groups. Feltman pushed for UN Resolution 1559 from 2004, to disarm Hizbullah, he supported the Israeli invasion in 2006, and he provided assistance to the March 14 political party against Hezbollah. Feltman applauded the crushing of the Shia-majority protests in Bahrain and has been a ceaseless supporter of the Zionist entity and critic of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Reportedly, the idea to have US allies summarily expel Syrian diplomats on the recent cooked-up massacre at Houla was also by Feltman.

Germany’s leading daily Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung has claimed that the massacre was carried out by US-Israel-Turkish funded anti-government rebels – but Zionist-controlled media blamed Syrian army for the tragedy.

Dr. Franklin Lamb once reported: “Ambassador Maura Connelly as a State Department staffer worked under Jeffrey Feltman. He once told her: “I have got these SOBs just where we want them Maura! Watch the 1000 slow cuts as we shred Hizbullah – who do they think they’re? And we will do it by using 1757 and this time we are going all the way. I told Israel to stay out of Lebanon because the IDF cannot defeat Hizbullah plus the whole region will burn“.

AI and UN to do shilling for Israeli wars | Rehmat's World