The welknown Afro-American poet-novelist-author and civil rights activist, Alice Walker (born 1944), has upset Jewish groups by refusing to give new translation rights of her 1983 Pulitzer Prize award-winning book ‘The Color Purple’ to an Israeli publisher, Yediot Books – citing Israel an ‘apartheid state’ with policies worse than the discrimination Blacks received at the hands of White colonists in southern United States and South Africa. The novel ‘The Color Purple’ was first translated into Hebrew in 1984.

“The Color Purple“, the story of an Black girl growing up in the segregated South, won the Pulitzer Prize in 1983. Hollywood’s Holocaust Guru, film-producer Steven Spielberg made a movie based on the book, starring, among others, Whoopi Goldberg and Oprah Winfrey.

Walker’s ex-husband, Mel Roseman Leventhal, was a Jewish civil rights activist. The couple has a daughter named Rebecca Leventhal Walker (born 1969). Rebecca is a writer and author of four books herself.

Alice has heightened her attacks against Israel in recent years, and was a participant in one of the flotillas to Gaza, and trumpets the Palestinian cause.

Israel-Firster Jewish ‘Islamophobe’, David Horowitz’s FrontPage magazine (July 15, 2011) slammed Alice Walker for joining the ‘Gaza flotilla’.

“How could Alice make such a profound shift from joining a Jewish family to aiding in the Jewish people’s annihilation? Perhaps it is not that Alice changed. Rather, the political religion that served as her anchor suffered a radical devolution since the colorblind dream of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.,”wrote David Swindle.

Alice Walker’s letter to Yediot Books can be read here.

Alice Walker is not the first person who called the Zionist entity, an apartheid state. In fact, it was Hendrik Verwoerd, the prime minister of South Africa in who helped developed and implement apartheid policies in his country; said in 1961: “Israel, like South Africa, is an apartheid state“.

The word ‘apartheid’ is an African term applied to the White ruled South Africa. Comparing Israel with apartheid South Africa is historically wrong. South African army was the only fully apartheid institution under the White rule – while more than half of country’s police and prison staff were Blacks. South Africa’s economy was based on the Black workforce. Most White people employed Black women to raise their children, clean their homes and look after their gardens.

Contrary to that, in the Zionist entity, Jews need never see a Palestinian certainly not in their homes. The Israel Occupation Force (IOF) is almost totally Jewish. The great majority of the IOF elites are extreme right-wing Orthodox Jewish fanatics who benefit economically from Occupation and apartheid but they do not rely on Palestinian labour.

Alice Walker: