Today, tens of thousands of Egytians have filled Cairo’s Tahrir Square to protest against the military junta’s (SCAF) hijacking of people’s will by seizing sweeping powers – by disolving the recently elected national assembly dominated by Islamists (75%) and claiming all legislative powers.

Early last year I predicted that there was something not kosher about the early anti-Mubarak protests in the Tahrir Square. My prediction was based on the fact that while Obama and Hillary Clinton gave lip service to the anti-Mubarak protests, engineered by US State Department funded Alliance of Youth Movement (AYM) – Mubarak regime was supported by Netanyahu. And the past six decades history shows that what Tel Aviv wants from Washington, it always gets it.

Washington’s response to SCAF’s ‘highway robbery’ was mixed. Some lawmakers (Sen. Patrick Leahy of Vermont) has demanded that Obama cancel $1.3 billion military aid to SCAF – while Israeli lobby groups and think tanks are pushing Obama administration to continue the aid as long as the military junta maintains the peace treaty with Israel.

Eric Trager, an Israel-Egypt expert with AIPAC’s think tank, WINEP, believes that the ‘aid stick’ will not work with the military junta. “The military establishment doesn’t believe the US will go ahead with the cut. The only threat they see to US aid is if peace with Israel is overturned,” says Eric.

In the new setup, the military junta could allow Muslim Brotherhood’s victorious candidate Dr. Morsi to act country’s ‘constitutional’ President while the real powers rest with the military establishment.

Israel and its poodles in the US are of the opinion that continuation of US bribe to Egypt is very essential for keeping Cairo away from Tehran, Damascus and Baghdad.

MJ Rosenberg, American Jewish journalist and former AIPAC official and Bill Clinton’s political appointee at USAID, wrote in his blog on June 21, 2012: “The Netanyahu government wants the aid to continue, and a point I need not belabor, it gets what it wants both from the President and Congress“.

Rosenberg added: “Israel wants the aid to continue because it is not interested in Egyptian democracy (Israel was closely allied with the Mubarak government) and because it does not want the United States to do anything to jeopardize its peace treaty with Egypt. The military assistance itself was first provided to Egypt to reward it for making peace with Israel (Arms for peace!), and the Israeli government fears that if the United States cut it off, the generals will repudiate a treaty which is none too popular to begin with.”

Israel supports Egyptian military junta | Rehmat's World