French Jewish author Jacob Cohen in his recently released book in French, ‘Dieu ne repasse pas à Bethléem (God won’t return to Bethlehem)‘ has claimed that France’s 500,000-strong Jewish community provides a fertile ground for Israeli Mossad to recruit Sayanim (a secret supporter or a “sleeper cell” in Hebrew). Interestingly, the word “Sayanim” has been deleted from the Jewish-controlled “Wikipedia”.

“Take for example, Gilad Shalit. He was completely unknown and, in a few days, his name became famous in all the world. What’s the work of Sayanim? Shalit, who also holds French citizenship, was an Israeli trooper, who was arrested by the Palestinian resistance movement of Hamas in a cross-border raid on the Gaza Strip in 2006. He was held for over five years and released in 2011 as part of prisoner swap deal.” Watch interview video below.

Jacob Cohen, whose family lives in the Occupied Territories, says that the way he was mistreated for his ideas and books has helped him know the Israeli apparatus inside out and led him to become strongly anti-Zionist.

“All this pushed me to write two books on how the Mossad manipulates a lot of Jews, who live in France, in the United States, in everywhere to help them in their propaganda,” says Cohen.

Book: Jewish ‘Sayanim’ in France | Rehmat calling