The International Olympic Committee has refused Israeli demand to observe a minute’s silence at the London Olympic in memory of eleven Israeli atheletes who were killed in 1972 Olympic in Munich (Germany) as result of Mossad false-flag operation. However, the legendary Russian sailing ship the Krusenstern will not enter the port of London during the Olympic Games for fear of being detained. For the same reason, world’s largest sailing ship, Russian Sedov, which is currently on a round-the-world voyage, will not be able to moor at the US port of San Francisco in November when the bicentenary of Fort Ross is celebrated.

All this is due to Russian fear that the US may hold these ships to ransom , in return for Moscow transferring all Jewish books and manuscripts in Russian Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson’s library to US-based Jewish Chabad Lubivitch organization which under the guise of religious centres are also dens of espionage used by Israeli Mossad operative around the world.

Rabbi Schneerson (1902-1994), whose birthday has been regularly recognized by special congressional declarations - was a prominent leader of the Russian Lubavitch movement before he emigrated to the United States.

Last year, a US court gave the Lubavitch movement permission to remove Schneerson’s collection from Russia.

Russia has repeatedly stressed that the collection consisting of 12,000 books and 50,000 rare documents has never left Russia. As the books have never belonged to American Hasids, they cannot be ‘returned’ to the US, the Russian Foreign Ministry says. However, thanks to the poweful Jewish Lobby, the US judicial system remains deaf to reasonable arguments and elementary judicial rules. Expert of the law firm The Dialogue of the Law Dmitry Pozorov says:

“No court in the US has the right to make decisions about Russian property. If property is located on Russian territory, plaintiffs ought to go to a Russian court and not to a court in Washington or London. No one can be guided by the US court decision about the Schneersohn library“.

According to the Voice of Russia, “the best way to achieve a result is to come to a special inter-governmental agreement. At present, it is not clear if this is possible and when it could be done. This means that Russia will have to prepare for new claims on its property on the part of the US and other countries with which the US has agreements on supporting court decisions. Naturally, the Schneersohn library will remain with its rightful owner, Russia, but cultural links will sadly be damaged“.