On Saturday, Hizbullah released a video showing the capture of two Israeli soldiers, Ehud Goldwasser and Eldad Regev after a fight which the Zionist regime used as an excuse to launch 34-day attack on Lebanon. Watch David Rovics explains what really happend in a video below. David is an internationally celebrated political folks musician.

“The video (allegedly) showing the kidnapping is part Hezbollah’s psychological warfare. We didn’t need the documentation to learn the lessons we have already learned (from the war),” said Colonel Dror Platin, who served deputy chief of the IDF Galilee Division during the incident.

However, Platin believes the footage from the July 12, 2006 capture of the soldiers is genuine: “We knew most of what is seen in the video. Hezbollah men who were at the scene left a very traceable trail.”

The 34-day war became the first Israeli defeat at the hands of Arab soldiers.