A secret Israeli file recently leaked contains a record of conversations between Israeli prime minister Netanyahu, foreign minister Avigdor Lieberman and Russian President Vladimir Putin during the latter’s recent visit to Israel.

During the said meeting Netanyahu asked Putin to facilitate Bashar Assad’s departure. “You can appoint his successor, and we shall not object. However, there is one condition – the successor must break with Iran”.

Putin responded: “We have no candidate for Bashar’s successor. Do you?”

“No, we don’t, but we shall tell you our preference soon,” replied Netanyahu.

Putin told the two Zionist evil-doers: “We are not beholden to Assad. Before the rebellion, he was a frequent visitor in Paris rather than in Moscow. We have no secret agenda regarding Syria. I asked President Obama, what are the US intentions in Syria; why do Americans reject Assad. Is it because of his inability to come to terms with Israel? Or because of his ties with Iran? Because of his position on Lebanon? I received no serious answer. Our reason, said Obama, is Assad’s violent repression of the Syrian people. I replied that violence is caused by Qatar and Saudi interference.”

“Israel’s goal is the Somalisation of Syria, following the Somalisation of Iraq,” said Putin, and Netanyahu did not deny his interpretation.

This proves beyond any doubt that the US, France, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar are running a proxy war for the Zionist regime which wants to turn Syria against Iran, Hamas and Hizbullah.

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