British ambassaor to Israel, Zionist Jew Matthew Gould, in a recent interview for Israeli Channel 10 News, warned the Zionist regime that the country is losing international support due to settlement expansion in the West Bank and continued blockade of the Gaza Strip. Matthew Gould, who had spoken of his pride to be a ‘Israel-Firster’ on a number of occasions – had served in both Tehran and Islamabad in the past. When Matthew Gould was appointed as the British first practicing Jew Ambassador to Israel, Labour Member of Parliament Paul Flynn caused quite a stir in questioning Gould’s ‘loyalty’ to the United Kingdom.

“There is “growing concern” in the UK over lack of progress towards peace with the Palestinians, and Israel was now being seen as Goliath against the Palestinians as David,” said Matthew Gould, in reference to the biblical story.

“Israelis might wake up in 10 years’ time and find out that the level of understanding in the international community has suddenly changed, and that patience for continuing the status quo has reduced,” he said.

“Support for Israel is starting to erode and that’s not about these people on the fringe who are shouting loudly and calling for boycotts and all the rest of it. The interesting category are those members of parliament in the middle, and in that group I see a shift,” he added.

In 2010, while presenting his credentials to Netanyahu, Gould said: “My government absolutely agree with your conception of the Iranian threat and the importance of your determination to battle it. Dealing with the Iranian threat will be a large part of my work here“.

Former British ambassador to Uzbekistan, Craig Murray, that a trusted source claimed Gould attended meetings the British officials held with the US and Israeli officials on diplomatic preparation to attack Iran. Murray was fired from his post for criticising Uzbek president Islam Karimov and disputing London’s linking of Uzbek Islamic Movement with Al-Qaeda. Murray’s second wife, Nadira Alieva, is Uzbek. Incidently, Craig Murray had banned me posting comments on his personal blog within two weeks.

To learn how much influence the Zionist regime has over British government, watch a video below.

Last year, several pro-Israel Jewish groups and two GOP presidential candidates, Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich demanded that Obama fire his Jewish ambassador to Belgium, Howard Gutman, for blaming Israeli regime for fueling Jew-hatred among Muslims and westerners. Now, the British Israeli dogs are chasing Matthew Gould.

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