The book is authored by Australian Jewish writer, author and blogger, Antony Loewenstein, and US-Palestinian journalist and editor Ahmed Moor. The book also include a collection of articles written by Jewish writers Ilan Pappe, Philip Weiss, Jeff Halper – and Dianna Buttu, Joseph Dana and Ghada Karmi.

All contributors agree that the two-state solution is dead. The alternative, the editors write in the book’s foreword, is the one-state solution. The feeling amongst many is that the basic conditions that need to be addressed in order to bring a just peace to Israel/Palestine – the return of refugees, full and equal citizenship for Palestinians within Israel’s borders, the end of the occupation – cannot be fulfilled by the two-state solution.

I have written on the concept of ‘one-state’ solution along with two Jewish bloggers, Israel-born Gilad Atzmon and US-born Roger Tucker. In June 2010, I wrote my thoughts on three ‘options’ to resolve the Zonist-Palestinian conflict based on the one-state, two-state and Halen Thomas' option.

In September 2010, the Center for Middle Eastern Studies at Lund University came up with another option it called “Parallel States Project”. The idea which gave birth to this project was; One secular-democratic state solution will never be acceptable Israeli Jews and the so-called ‘Two state’ has no chance to materialize unless it’s based on Israeli ‘wish list’. The sinister agenda behind the so-called “Two-state” and the “Parallel state” options are to legitimize the Jewish occupation of Palestine.

On May 28, 2011 – the pro-Israel Al-Jazeera (English), published an article entitled ‘Parallel states: A new vision for peece’. The ‘vision’ came from two Jewish scholars, professor Mark LeVine (University of California) and Mathias Mossberg, a former Swedish Ambassador. They compared their vision of a Jewish Israel sharing the same land with Native Muslim and Christian Palestinian state in parallel – with European Union (EU).

The EU comparison is just dumb. All EU members are Judeo-Christian majority nations which have maintained their original Armed Forces and some are nuclear powers. Each EU member has its own standards of human rights (most persecute Muslim and Gypsy minorities) and even maintain trade relations with some countries (Iran, Lebanon, Serbia, etc.) sanctioned by the EU.

Antony Loewenstein blogs here. Ahmed Moor’s old blog can be found here.

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