With the rise of Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, the Zionist regime has begun its covert terrorist operations in the region to invade and reoccupy Egyptian Sinai Peninsula. Israel created similar situation ahead of the 1967 war with its Arab neighbors - as result of which Israel captured Sinai, Golan Heights, Gaza Strip, the West Bank and East Jerusalem.

On August 5 a group of 35 armed men attacked an Egyptian border guard unit south of Rafah (the crossing point with Gaza), killing 16 soldiers and injuring 7. The group then took over an army Armed Personnel Carrier and used it to storm the Egypt-Israel border where Israeli forces destroyed it. The armed men have not been identified by either Israeli forces or pro-USrael Egyptian military junta SCAF. End of the story.

Now who benefits from this so-called ‘terrorist attack’? Both SCAF and Israel has blamed “jihadist millitants” from Gaza strip to be behind the attack. You know the same “jihadists” who have been running West’s proxy wars in Libya, Yemen and now in Syria – the kind of Islamist militants the US and Israel love to refer to as Al-Qaeda. SCAF chief Gen. Tantawi immediately closed down both Rafah crossing and underground tunnels ‘indefinitely’.

On Friday, Netanyahu telephoned UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon urging him not to attend 120-member nations strong Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) meeting in Tehran at the end of the month, saying his presence there would be a “huge mistake”. Why, because NAM supports Iran’s nuclear program and Palestinian struggle against Jewish occupation of Palestine. Some western sorces have claimed that under Washington pressure, Egyptian President, who is the current head of NAM, may boycott NAM’s summit in Tehran.

Akiva Eldar, the chief political correspondent for the Israeli daily Haaretz, told pro-Israel Qatar-based Al-Jazeera when asked on his thoughts on the recent deadly attack on the Egyptian guard station: “The Israelis are in a way quite happy that the Egyptians have learnt their lesson, that they have to listen to us, and have had to pay the price“.

The US-Israel claim that Egypt is responsible for keeping peace along Sinai-Israel border under outdated Israel-Egypt peace treaty (1979 which only allowed Egypt stationing of some units of police forces and lately border guard units with light arms. However, after the closer of Rafah border and underground tunnels – Tel Aviv okayed the deployment of a few battalions from Egypt’s second army and air forces units into Sinai closer-to-Israeli border.

Some Israeli watchers have predicted that the recent attack in Sinai – has provided Israel an excuse to expand its drone, helicopter and F-16 assaults beyond Gaza and Lebanon. Jewish blogger Richard Silverstein wrote on August 10: “Israel will care very little for the niceties of sovereign borders. It never did in Lebanon, nor has it ever in the Palestinian territories. The only time Israel honors borders is when a country is powerful enough to stand in its way. Currently, Israel doesn’t find Egypt such a nation“.

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