Republican Jewish Senator from NY State, David Storobin who is campaigning for his re-election – visited Israel recently. His trip was financed by Israel’s foreign ministry under radical Jew Avigdor Lieberman. When he visited the Golan Heights, he was so scared that he wore Israel Occupation Force (IOF) uniform to protect himself from the few Syrians still living in the area.

Senator’s campaign office is using the photograph of David Storobin in the company of Israeli Gen. Shmulik Olansky as a gimic to prove to his constituency’s non-Jewish voters that the ‘poor tiny Jewish state is still surrounded by its hostile Arab neighbors’.

The Syrian Golan Heights was occupied by the Jewish army during the so-called ‘Six Day War’ of 1967. Syria has never tried to recapture its lost territory by force.

Israel’s dream of occupying Golan Heights goes back to the early days of Zionism. several attempts were made, from as early as 1891, to purchase and lay claim to land on Golan Heights and Huran. In a letter to British prime minister Lloyd George in 1919 on the eve of Sam Reno conference, the leader of the World Zionist Congress and later first President of the Zionist entity, Dr. Chaim Weizman wrote: “Zionists don’t accept under any circumstances the Sykes-Picot agreement because not only it divides historical Palestine but also deprive the Jewish national home of some of the most fertile land for (illegal) Jewish settlements in the Golan Heights and Hauran on which depends the future of the Zionist project“. Read the entire research article here.

“If New Yorkers want to vote for a guy that likes to make a fool out of himself – posing with a gun like a kid in an amusement park and then having someone come up with the strangest, most absurd explanation – that’s their own business. I am more worried by the Israeli army’s willingness to play along with the adolescence fantasies of American politicians,” wrote Noam Sheizaf in Jewish +972 magazine on August 18, 2012.

Coward Jewish US Senator at Golan Heights | Rehmat calling