Late Gen. Matti Peled is Israel’s 1967 War hero. Disgusted by Zionist lies and warmongering, Matti turned into a peace-maker. He realized that both Palestinians and foreign Jews can co-exist peacefully in Palestine. Now his daughter Professor Nurit Peled-Elhanan and son Miko Peled are carrying their father’s torch of peaceful co-existence.

In the video below, Miko Peled debunks three major Israeli lies; i) country without people, ii) 1967 Israel’s existential threat and iii) Israel’s democracy.

Miko says that now Israeli historians agree with what the Palestinian were saying since 1940s – that Zionist state was established on the ruins of the historic Palestine. “Even when the state of Israel was declared (in 1948), Muslims formed a great majority,” says Miko. He also admits that Palestinians had great civilization with scholars, doctors, engineers, developed land and cities – but what they did not have was an army to fight the foreign Jewish militias who were trained and armed with superior weapons.

Miko says that the native Muslims and Christians did not leave willingly – but vacated their homes to escape Jewish terrorism. He tells the story of his mother who was born in Jerusalem. She was offered the house of a native Palestinian who fled to save his family. She refused to accept the offer under moral ground.

Peled says the so-called ’1967 Six Day War’ was not a defencive war against Arab threat – but it was a war of agression to occupy more Arab lands.

Peled says Israel is not a democracy – but an occupation. He believes in one state solution to the Palestinian problem. A united democratic-secular Palestinian state where Muslims, Christians and Jews can live in peace with equal rights – as they lived for centuries under Muslim rule before the WW I.

Israeli General’s son debunks three Israeli lies | Rehmat's World