The Israeli daily Ha’aretz reported on August 30, 2012 that several western countries including United States, Canada, Britain, Austria, Ireland, France, Australia, Japan, Mexico and China have warned their citizens to visit Israel “at their own risk“.

The reasons for the travel advisory warning includes unexpected Israel’s military attacks on Gaza, Sinai, Lebanon, Golan Heights and sometimes the West Bank – and of course the retaliation from Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Hizbullah and the Jew-hating Egyptians.

The Haaretz journalist IIan Lior, however, is at a loss to understand why none of the above countries included the Iranian threat to “wipe Israel off map“, as a reason not to visit Israel.

“But many of these warnings also paint Israel as a primitive, crime-ridden country, full of bad drivers, religious extremists and even undrinkable water.” wrote IIan Lior.

Following are some of the ‘anti-Semitic’ warnings:

Britain: “Don’t handover passport in Israel for fear of illicit use by the Mossad”.

Ireland: “Don’t buy property in in the West Bank or East Jerusalem without legal counsel”.

Canada: “No half-naked dress, avoid driving on Saturday and never drink tap water. And remember car thefts are high”.

Austria: “Don’t use public transporation. Don’t eat fruits and vegetables or drink tap water”.

Japan: “Don’t wander around certain Tel Aviv neighborhoods – fearing drugs, dubious characters and prostitution”. There are over 280 Jewish brothels in the city.

France: “Avoid visiting farms and markets – and eating meat or eggs that were not properly cooked”.

Australia: “Driving in Israel is unexpected and the morality rate on the roads is high”.

United States: “Israeli airport security officials are in the habit of confiscating luggage (of Gentiles)”.

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