Former Israeli Supreme Court judge Eliyahu Winograd, who chaired the ‘Winograd Commission’ panel to investgate the causes of Israel’s military defeat at the hands of Lebanese Islamic militia, Hizbullah, in 2006.

Yesterday, speaking in an interview with Army Radio, “Winograd lashed out at both Netanyahu and Barak for ignoring advice of military establishment and not learning lessons from the 34-day war with Lebanon in 2006 as documented in the Winograd Commission report released in 2008,” reported Israeli daily Ha’aretz on September 2, 2012.

Winograd warned that Israel’s unilateral strike on Iran will “endanger the future of Israel”. Winograd’s warning came at the heel of Gen. Martin Dempsey, chairman of US Armed Forces who said two days ago that he doesn’t want the US to attack Iran or Syria.

Recently, Israel’s opposition leader, Gen. Saul Mofaz said: “PM is confused and unfocused”.

The Winograd Commission Report had blamed 30,000-strong Jewish army’s defeat on Israeli government and other political leaders for making war plans without consulting the Israel Occupation Force (IOF) top leaders.

Winograd also questioned the preparedness of the Home Front to withstand the likely barrage of missiles that would follow an attack on Iran. He said that both Hezbollah and Hamas were likely to contribute to the “rain of missiles” on the Home Front, and it appeared that Israel had neither enough bomb shelters or gas masks to deal with such a counterstrike.

The former judge criticized Netanyahu for complaining about former defense officials talking publicly about an Iran strike while he himself had been more vocal than anyone. “You intend to act – sit down and shut up. Decide secretly if you’re attacking, and if you decide to attack-attack. But what are you talking for? So that the Iranians will be even more prepared and ready their missiles to target us?”

Historically, the Zionist entity has always sneaked upon its neighboring nations in darkness of night without declaring war. The decade of threats against Iran show that Israeli leaders have no gutts to attack Iran. They’re using their whinings to divert world’s attention from the real problem – the Jewish occupation of Palestine.

An finally, watch a video below to see how the Zionist regime is trying to sell the war to Israeli Jews who are affraid to go to war with Iran.

Winograd: ‘War with Iran could destroy Israel’ | Rehmat's World