When the so-called ‘Islamist’ Justice and Development Party (AKP) came to power in 2002 – it sent waves of shocks in the Zionist-controlled world capitals. To counter the western and powerful Kemalist army’s opposition, AKP extended its hands in friendship to its Muslim neighbors; Iran, Syria and Iraq. Erdogan coined the ‘Zero-tolerance foreign policy’ toward Turkey’s Arab neighbors. This enhanced Erdogan’s popularity among the Arab population.

Erdogan tried to bring both Syria and Israel on negotiation table. Turkey joined Brazil to resolve Israel’s ‘existential threat’ from a future ‘nuclear Iran’. “Regionally, Iran is the main counterforce to the pervasive western influences. For all players, it’s a country too powerful to be ignored,” wrote Mmitri Sedov in the Strategic Culture Foundation, September 4, 2012.

Ankara exploited the Israeli terrorist attack on Turkish Mavi Marmara aid ship at interanational waters on May 31, 2010 while paid lip services to the Palestinian cause and showed support for Lebanon against Israel.

However, since the arrival of US-sponsored ‘Arab Spring’ - Sunni-majority Turkey saw a window of opportunity to replace Shia-majority Iran as the regional Muslim power. Ankara joined US-Israel-NATO axis to bring an anti-Iran Sunni regime in Damascus in order to weaken Iranian influence in the region. Canadian Jewish academic, professor Michel Chossudovsky (University of Ottawa) and founder of the Centre for Research on Globalization says: “While the Syrian regime is by no means democratic, the objective of the US-NATO Israel military alliance is not to promote democracy. Quite the opposite, Washington’s intent is to eventually install a puppet regime.”

“War preparations to attack Syria and Iran have been in ‘an advanced state of readiness’ for several years,” says Michel Chossudovsky. “The July 2006 bombing of Lebanon was part of a carefully planned ‘military road map’. The extension of ‘The July War’ on Lebanon into Syria had been contemplated by US and Israeli military planners. It was abandoned upon the defeat of Israeli ground forces by Hezbollah.”

American Jewish writer and blogger Stephen Lendman says: “Israel wants regional rivals removed. Washington and key NATO partners want independent regimes ousted, replaced with subservient ones. Fabricated IAEA Iranian documents escalated tensions. Assad’s government is unfairly blamed. Washington’s dirty hands are at fault. So are Israel’s and other conspiratorial allies“.

The Syrian conflicted has pitted Turkey against the Islamic Republic and Lebanese Islamic Resistance Hizbullah. Iran-Hizbullah-Syria now consider Turkey as part of US-Israel axis. The semi-independent Arab regime like Iraq has distant itself from Turkey as it’s toeing Saudi Arabia’s Sunni-Shia sectarian divide.

Ankara imports 30% of its oil and 20% of gas needs from Iran. Turkey’s trade with Iran has become the largest after the United States. However, Turkey’s anti-Syria policy has put a damper on Iran-Turkey relation. So much so that Iran’s top gun, Gen. Hassan Firouzabadi, last month warned Turkey saying: “Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar will fall victim to the spread of terrorism. Therefore, we warn our friends. The rulers of Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Qatar are responsible for the blood being spilled on Syrian soil. It is not right for Syria’s neighbors to help the war-mongering United States achieve its goals. These countries must know that after Syria, will come the turn of Turkey and other countries“.

Iran has warned the warmongering Zionist occupied regimes that if Syria is attacked by any of them – Tehran would have no choice but to come to the aid of Damascus as part of a 2008 military defense treaty between the two nations.

Both Turkey and Saudi Arabia has lost their credibility to act as objective negotiators as proposed by Egyptian President Dr. Morsi during the NAM summit in Tehran last week.

Turkey is en route to regional isolation by its pro-US-NATO policies. Seeking regional dominance via the demise of Assad’s regime in Syria, Ankara obviously failed to take into account the feelings of the great majority of Arabs and Muslims in particlar, who hate the Zionist regime – and the US administration for its blind support for the Zionist entity.

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