On the weekend, Sheikh Hasan Nasrallah, the leader of Lebanese Islamic political and resistance group, called for a week-long protests against the US-Israel anti-Islam movie that has caused mass anti-USrael protests all over the Muslim world. Over 100,000 Muslims and Christian marchers showed up on the very first day in response to Nasrallah’s call.

In a televised speech, Sheikh Nasrallah said that United States must be held accountable for the wretched US-Israel film. “We should not only express our anger at an American embassy here or there,” Nasrallah noted, calling on protesters to push their leaders to express their anger, saying it is their “responsibility” to ensure that Holy Qur’an, Muslim holy places and the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) are “respected” in the United States and the world. Read Nasrallah speech here.

The Beirut protest was the largest march in the history of Lebanon. It was also unique in the sense that the protesters did not attack any foreign embassy or torched local properties. There was no police or military to shoot or throw smoke-bombs to disperse the protesters like in the pro-West Islamist controlled Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, Morocco and rest of the Muslim world happened. However, the American embassy staff was reported burning all ‘classified documents’. Israel dispatched tens of thousands of additional Jewish troops along Lebanon and Golan Heights.

Many pro-West pundits believe that Nasrallah’s call for more protests has more to do with the pro-West Islamist regimes created as result of the so-called ‘Arab Spring’ than the disgusting US-Israel anti-Islam film. I believe, Nasrallah took the bull by horn to show the Muslim world who are behind the Sunni-Shia divide which ultimately weakens the Muslim unity and provide an excuse to the Zionist-controlled western world to insult 1.9 billion Muslims and invade their lands for the benefit of the Zionist entity.

Ibrahim Al-Amin, editor-in-chief Lebanese daily Al-Akhbar, published an interesting article on September 19, 2012, in which he raised the following two points. Read the article here.

1. Nasrallah called on all Muslims – and what he clearly meant was Sunnis and Shias – to stand as they should against those who incessantly insult them and target everything they have: their sanctities, their countries, their freedom, their rights and their dignity. Here he could succeed where other Islamists failed. For Nasrallah has no favors traded with the Americans that oblige him to appease them, unlike the worldwide Muslim Brotherhood and the governments of various states that claim to rule in the name of Islam. That is why the protests that took place in several countries were not organized, resulting in acts of violence, for which there was no consensus, though some believe that Americans, citizens and officials, should be made to feel directly responsible for the evils inflicted on our world today. The “official” Islamists who rose to power on the backs of the Arab uprisings clearly showed that they are not interested in taking on the Americans or their followers. Hezbollah’s move thus flustered them, prompting some of their leaders to accuse Nasrallah of trying to commandeer the ship.

2. Nasrallah reminded the world that the problem with America is not confined to a specific security, political or current issue, but the battle extends to wherever the Americans are engaged in dirty deeds. He had things to say on this in his speech on Sunday, including what he defined as higher and lower ceilings of demands. He then accompanied those demands, on Monday, with a warning signal that there would be serious consequences if the US takes its contempt for Arabs and Muslims further.

“The US has decided to up the pace of activities aimed at isolating the countries and forces of the axis of resistance. It is spending tens of millions of dollars on programs aimed at turning collusion with itself, or even with Israel, into a normal activity, the mere exercise of a different point of view. That will never be the case, however much those who think otherwise lie and however low they stoop. Those who collaborate with the enemy, or have no problem with such collaboration, would do well to get the message before it is too late,” warns Ibrahim Al-Amin.

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