“The Talmud, which consists of rabbinical interpretations of the law, treats Christ and Christians with contempt. Unlike the Qur’an, which regards Christ as a great prophet, the Talmud contains very offensive precepts and statements directed specifically against Christianity. For example, in addition to a series of scurrilous sexual allegations against Jesus, the Talmud states that his punishment in hell is to be immersed in boiling excrement. Jews are instructed to burn, publicly if possible, any copy of the New Testament that comes into their hands,” wrote Professor Israel Shahak (Hebrew University) in book ‘Jewish History, Jewish Religion’, page 21.

As if the disgusting US-Israel made anti-Islam movie ‘Innocence of Muslims’ was not enough to generate Muslim world hatred toward the United States – the anti-Obama Zionist gangsters have come-up with a new scandal to demonize Obama among the Christian voters. The disgusting 1987 ‘Immersion (Piss Christ)’ artwork by Andres Serrano – “a photograph of the crucifix submerged in the artist’s unrine” is to about to be displayed at the Edward Tyler Nahem gallery this week. In 1989, Serrano’s ‘artwork’ won $15,000 prize from US government-funded National Endowment for the Arts.

Israel-Firster Rep. Michael Grimm (R, C-NY) has blasted Obama administration for not apologizing to Christians as it did to the Muslim world for the anti-Islam movie.

In 2010, The Federally-funded Smithsonian Institution’s National Portrait Gallery held an exhibition screening of Jewish gay activist David Wojnarowicz’s disgusting video, ‘A Fire in My Belly’, which includes images of large ants crawling over the body of Jesus.

As usual, Muslims are advised by the Zionist mafia how to react to such religious provocations in ‘civilized way’. One such advice came from Mirette F. Mabrouk, a fellow at the Jewish think tank, the Saban Center for Middle East Policy at the Brookings Institution. She wrote in the Egypt Independent weekly (September 20, 2012) that when Jews insults Christian faith, Christians don’t attack Israel embassies or Synagogues – but mostly mind their own business lest blamed of anti-Semitism. On the other hand, when in 2004, Mel Gibson produced anti-Jew movie, ‘The Passion of Christ’, Jewish groups protested against the movie and destroyed Mel Gibson’s career, but did not kill the US ambassador in Tel Aviv.

After destroying four Muslim countries (Somalia, Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya), now the Zionist-Jewish brigade lead by Daniel Pipes, David Horowitz, John Bolton, Pam Geller, Debbie Schlussel, Glenn Beck, Steven Emerson, Robert Spencer, etc. is setting the stage for the next US wars for Israel in Syria, Lebanon, Iran and Pakistan.

Tony Cartalucci has come up with a list of Zio-conservatives controlled think tanks and human rights groups working to bring regime changes in the Muslim world for the benefit of the Zionist entity. See the list here.

Watch a video below in which Yusuf Estes explains prophet Jesus’ (as) position in Islam.

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