Personally, I believe it will make no difference to the Muslim world who wins the American presidential election in November 2012. Because both Obama and Romney are the two faces of the same Israeli coin.

Maureen Dowd, a long time columnist with the New York Times, is under fire from Jewish media for her claim that Mitt Romney and his sidekick Paul Ryan, are both controlled by the Zionist Jew “puppet master Dan Senor (Daniel Samuel Senor)”. Dan Senor, is a Fox News contributor and columnist with WSJ. Senor received his education in Toronto and Jerusalem. He was Paul Bremer’s spokesman in Iraq. He has written a best-selling book on the wonders of Israel. His sister runs AIPAC’s Jerusalem office and her husband is a far-right writer in Israel. He is an outspoken apologist for the anti-Muslim Israeli Likud.

Maureen Dowd in her Op-Ed column at the Zioconservative New York Times (September 15, 2012) crossed the ‘anti-Semitism mark’ set by Jewish lobby, the self-appointed guardian of political correctness. She claimed that under Republicans, the US policy has always been misguided. It has alawys revolved around Israeli interests in the region rather than the American interests.

“After 9/11, the neocons (mostly Jewish dual citizen) captured one Republican president who was naïve about the world. Now, amid contagious Arab rage sparked on the 11th anniversary of 9/11, they have captured another would-be Republican president and vice president, both jejeune about the world,” wrote Dawd.

Dowd claims that both Romney and Ryan, are mouthing Netanyahu’s world’s vision, scripted by Dan Senor. “A moral, muscular foreign policy; a disdain for weakness and diplomacy; a duty to invade and bomb Israel’s neighbors; a divine right to pre-emption – it’s all ominously familiar,” says Dowd.

American Jewish writer and blogger, MJ Rosenberg, wrote in defense of Dowd: “So, you can attack individual African-Americans including the president and not be indicted for racism. You can condemn the Pope for indifference to sex scandals in the church and not be deemed anti-Catholic. You can excoriate Justice Sotamayor and not be deemed anti-Latino – Or that attacking the Muslim Brotherhood is an attack on Islam. Or that an attack on the Nation Of Islam is an attack on all African-Americans. But you cannot attack individual Jews because we are all the same and thus attacking one is attacking all.”

Mitt Romney’s top financial supporter is Las Vegas Jewish casino mogul Sheldon Adelson 79, who has contributed nearly $100 million to Republican party to defeat Obama. Another major Jewish contributer is Marc Leder. In May 2012, at Leder’s home in Boca Raton, Florida – Romney told $50,000 per plate dinner guests that Palestinians are not interested in peace and that 47% of Americans don’t pay taxes and were freeloaders.

Romney’s recent pilgrimage to the Zionist entity was the brainchild of two Zionist Jews, Dan Senor and Florida-born Ron Dermer who is Netanyahu’s chief strategist and speechwriter. Dan Senor along with warmongering Zioconservatives Kristol and Robert Kagan founded the Jewish think tank, the Foreign Policy Initiative.

All this ‘anti-Semitism crap’ reminds me of Indian writer M.I. Bhat’s article, entitled ‘Jews and Black Americans: Shaming their own history’, published by Veterans Today on September 9, 2012. Read the article here.

“For centuries the history of Jews and Black Americans has been one of suffering – Jews for their faith and the Blacks for their poverty and color. Once wounds on the human conscience, both have become either the perpetrators and instigators (Jews) or the tools (Blacks) in inflicting painful wounds on other peoples, particularly Muslims who, ironically, never had any role in their wretched past,” says Bhat.

“Alas! (Zionist) Jews – with some shining exceptions – turned out to be horrible oppressors. Whatever they claim to have suffered they built up on that and fine tuned the exploitation and torture process, meanwhile continuing to play victimhood,” claims Bhat.

“Obama, has proved himself one of the Black “tokens” who are willing to prove more loyal to the Zionist cause than Evangelist Pastor John Hagee. American Blacks – again, with some exceptions – seems to be looking for an opportunity to serve their former oppressors…. Obama is on job with Zionists weighing Syrian-Iranian game where America will need lot many Blacks to fight one more Israel’s war. Just keep cheering up for the Friends of Israel and together with Jews keep shaming your history,” concluded Bhat.