Israeli prime minister in his satirical speech at the UN General Assembly on September 27, indirectly admitted that he had failed to corner the first Jewish President Barack Obama, who is set to be re-elected – to attack Iran before the November 6 election.

“I very much appreciate the President’s position as does everyone in my country. We share the goal of stopping Iran’s nuclear weapons program. What I have said today will help ensure that this common goal is achieved. Israel is in discussions with the United States over this issue, and I am confident we can chart a path forward together,” said Netanyahu.

Netanyahu was referring to Obama’s anti-Iran earlier speech at the UN General Assembly, in which Obama had said: “It (a nuclear-armed Iran) would threaten the elimination of Israel, the security of Gulf nations and the stability of the global economy. It risks triggering a nuclear arms race in the region and the unraveling of the Non-proliferation Treaty (Israel is the only country in the region which refuses to sign NPT). That is why the United States will do what we must to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon.”

The Zionist media is now churning the lie that both Obama and Netanyahu agrees on Iran. Do they? Netanyahu demands Iran stop its nuclear program immediately while Obama asserts that he sees no problem with Iran’s nuclear program as long as Iran doesn’t acquire a nuclear bomb. Iran’s powerful Spiritual Leader Ayatullah Khamenei stated recently that Iran will never produce a nuclear bomb as that goes against the teachings of Islam.

Interestingly, Netanyahu’s old buddy, Mitt Romney also swallowed his earlier anti-Muslim and anti-Iran rhetoric and blessed Obama’s crippling sanctions against Iran. “From the very beginning, I thought crippling sanctions needed to be put in place. Part is to see action as opposed to just words. His words more recently are more consistent with the words I’ve been speaking for some time, and we’ll see what actions he pursues,” Romney told reporters aboard his plane.

On September 28, Obama and Netanyahu talked on phone – and agreed that Iran should not have a nuclear weapons. But both avoided to discuss those “all options on table” stuff. It seems, the cold shoulder Netanyahu received from Obama and the polls which tell Netanyahu that his man Romney is not in the position to defeat Obama – has made the Zionazi realize that Obama administration and US military leaders are not willing to fight Israeli wars in Iran and Syria.

British veteran reporter and author, Alan Hart, wrote recently: “Netanyahu already knows there is no way the America of a second-term Obama is going to become engaged in a war with Iran. Netanyahu may also know that though they are now on hold until after the American election, secret talks between the Obama administration through a third party and Iran have made significant progress. According to my source with access to these talks, the clear implication is that early in his second term Obama will bring the nuclear crisis with Iran to an end by politics and diplomacy“.

Ray McGovern says that Netanyahu’s hysterically presentation of his case against Iran based on lies shows that Obama has no intention of following Netanyahu’s “red line” on Iran’s nuclear program – before or after his re-election.

“Netanyahu’s stunt with the poster (watch video below) also brought to mind Secretary of State Colin Powell’s infamous war speech in 2003 when he displayed crude graphics depicting imaginary mobile chemical weapons labs in Iraq. The rest of Netanyahu’s speech was bromide and boilerplate, including the usual accusations that Muslims are “bent on world conquest” and want “to destroy Israel, Europe and America. Enter the real world. Both the US and Israeli military are dead set against the disaster that war with Iran would bring. And both have made that quite plain to Netanyahu and other top Israeli officials who have been lusting to strike Iran within the next couple of weeks; that is, before they are faced with the possibility of a second-term American president better able to put higher priority on the strategic needs of US than those of Israel,” says Roy.

‘Obama and Netanyahu agree on Iran’, Really! | Rehmat's World