“Harper’s latest act of Zionist fawing was his unprovoked decision to cut diplomatic ties with Iran and expel its embassy staff,” Greg Felton, Canadian journalist, author and blogger specializing on the Middle East.

On November 3, Canada’s prime minister Stephen Harper began his six-day Indian yatra (visit) with a photo in front of the world famous Taj Mahal, mausoleum of Muslim Queen of India, Mumtaz Mahal. Today, Harper is meeting with Indian prime minister Manmohan Singh and later he is scheduled to visit Mumbai (home to India’s film industry Bollywood and Israeli Mossad Terrorism ) and Banglore, home of country’s high-tech.

Harper is expected to secure a piece of India’s nuclear pie and convince Indian government on behalf of US-Israel to cut-down country’s ties with the Islamic Republic, which Hillary Clinton failed to achieve during her meeting with Manmohan Singh in New Delhi last year. On November 3, Clinton received India’s new foreign minister Salman Khurshid and discussed US-India and India-Iran relations with him.

India, which like Israel, North Korea and Pakistan refuses to sign the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) – is in the process of building 40 new nuclear reactors. Russia, France and South Korea already have deals to build reactors. Harper is willing to sell some of Canada’s CANDU reactors to India if India agrees to IAEA’s nuclear safeguards which the country has refused to do so far – and distance itself from the Islamic Republic.

India imports 80% of its crude oil – 20% of which comes from the Islamic Republic. Imports from Iran are down, not because New Delhi is following US-EU orders but because private sector transactions are facing higher insurance and financing costs, given the restrictions on dollar transactions. However, India and Iran have come-up with an alternative. Iran has agreed to accept payments in Indian rupees, which it will use to buy Indian goods, from foodstuff to pharmaceuticals.

Greg Felton posted an article on November 1, saying that Stephen Harper has been praised by Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu and US-Canada Jewish lobby groups for being the top poodle of Zionism by carrying-out Israeli agenda against Iran at home and at the United Nations.

“The world sees Harper as crude, ignorant and bumptious, so it’s hard to believe he enjoys any respect among civilized nations. “Civilized” connotes reason, compassion, intellect, and respect for the law, all of which Canada is supposed to stands for, and all of which Harper is determined to stamp out. Harper, who rose like a methane bubble from the cesspit of right-wing populism, is not a tyrant in the usual sense. He exploits Canada not for his own interests but for the interests of a higher-order tyrant. As Israel’s proconsul in Ottawa, he serves the Zionist Imperial Authority as wll as assorted multinational interests,” wrote Greg Felton. Read the complete article here.

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