On November 5, BBC-Channel 4′s Dispatches aired Israeli PR documentary speculating that an Israeli attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities will not only kill the country’s nuclear program but Iran would be defeated and demoralized with a very little damage to Israeli airforce or the public.

Channel 4′s Alison Jackson used looklike pictures of Netanyahu and Ahmadinejad showing them playing chess, backgammon and computer games as well as arm wrestling in the show – to make the show ‘Nuclear War Games’ more real.

The documentary was prepared by David Patrikarakos, British Zionist journalist and author of book on Iran’s nuclear threat – and British film director Kevin Sim for Israel’s Institute for National Security Studies. Both had the honor of being the first foreigners to be allowed to join what is country’s pre-eminent security think tank.

The documentary is based on what the Israeli military and political ‘experts’ believe about the Israel’s military invinsibility, Arab world and their ignorance of Iran’s retaliation. The “experts” in the simulated exercise were all former Israeli Jews like deputy government ministers, diplomats and military officials. The imaginary war game began on November 9 with three waves of Israeli airforce fighter planes struck Iran’s nuclear facilities, causing significant damage to Iran’s deep underground nuclear facilities and cities near them. What happened next was played out by a number of Israeli teams representing Israel, the US, the EU, Egypt, Iran, Hizballah, Hamas, Syria and Russia – the world actors that would likely react to real Israeli attack on the Islamic Republic.

So what these Jewish “experts” thought about Iranian response to Israel’s unprovoked attack killing tens of thousands of innocent Iranians? Well, the Jewish Iranian team decided to launch Shahab-3 ballistic missiles which can easily reach Tel Aviv and Dimona nuclear reactors by penetrating the Israel’s US-made air defence shield – as Hizballah’s drone did last month – but failed to hit the Israeli targets. In addition, Iran’s regional allies, Hizballah, Hamas and Syrian refused to attack Israel fearing deadly retaliation from the Jewish army which was humiliated twice (in 2000 and 2006) by Hizballah fighters.

Israel’s Arab neighbors, Egypt, Jordan and Saudi Arabia along with the 110 NAM member countries condemned the attack but Egypt, Turkey and Jordan refused to break diplomatic relations with the Zionist entity.

The US, the EU did not backup Israel by sending military reinforcement – but called in the UNSC where they protected Israel’s right to defend itself by Washington using its veto against Russia-China resolution to expel Israel from the world body.

So while all these events were shaping, Israelis attacked Iran’s nuclear facilities a second time, and suffered only a barrage of missiles from Iran in return. Not long ago, Netanyahu had predicted less than 500 Israeli causalities in Israeli attack on Iran – far less than it suffered at the hands of Hizballah fighter during 2006 war.

In the end, the documentary proved to BBC’s brainwashed audience that Jewish G-d was victorious over Muslims’ Allah – and Israel regained its military dominance in the Middle East.

However, some anti-Semites may ask the question why the Jewish “experts” avoided to include Iran’s superior S-300 air defence system and Iran’s locally produced medium range Raad and Mersad air defence systems plus Iran’s long range unmanned vehicles (drones) which are capable of carrying chemical weapons. Also not included in the Israeli simulation, was – Iranian nation’s eight-year-long military resistance to Iraqi invasion which was fully funded by the West and its Saudi and Kwaiti stooges.

On November 4, an Israeli documentary Uvda (Fact) had claimed that Netanyahu and Ehud Barak ordered the army to prepare for an attack on Iran in 2010 – but both the army chief, Gabi Ashkenazi and the Mossad head, Meir Dagan opposed the orders claiming that Israel army was not capable of defeating Iran without the active participation of US military.

How much David Patrikarakos is trustworthy? Let us not forget BBC’s “most Jewish Catholic”, Sir Jimmy Savile, who is being investigated for having sex with 400 young people and boys over a 40 year period.

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