Australian prime minister Julia Gillard, who is well-known for her love for the Zionist entity – has irked country’s Jewish groups and Israeli ambassador after being forced by her cabinet to support an abstention in the UN ahead of Thursday’s on Mahmoud Abbas’s bid for non-member observer status.

“We all want to wake up in a world where Israel can live behind secure borders,” Julia said, adding that Israel should be free of coming under rocket attack (even if Jewish pilots kill Palestinians every day!).

Gillard was forced to abandon her personal opposition to the plan after a heated cabinet discussion where at least 10 ministers warned she faced a caucus revolt unless Australia at least sat on the fence.

Philip Chester, president of the Zionist Federation of Australia, has called that Julia Gillard should join the US and Israel and vote against the bid.

Israeli media has reported that even former Zionist prime minister Ehud Olmert has thrown his support behind the bid, which proves that the so-called “enhanced status” is Western ploy to boost the declining popularity of US-Israeli agent Mahmoud Abbas.

Australian Jewish communities have always been pro-Israel. On November 29, Tom Tilley at ABC reported that hundreds of Australian Jew are receiving military training in camps run by Zionist Youth groups in Australia to fight against Hamas and Islamic Jihad in occupied Palestine.

Benjamin Netanyahu has very warm feelings for Australia which he visited several times. In an interview with daily The Australian (January 14, 2012), Netanyahu said: “In a world where Israel is vilified, castigated, where a beleaguered democracy is defending its very life against radical Islamist forces, we don’t always get credit. We don’t always get fair play. We feel that happens more often than not with Australia“.

Antony Loewenstein, an Australian Jewish author and blogger has this to say about Jewish power in Australia: “Wealthy Jews are upset and demand the government only show blind dedication to the Jewish state.The Prime Minister (Rudd) asks them to dinner to explain his positions. Some are pleased and some are not. But once again we have the sight of old, connected Jewish men demanding our leaders follow every action of Israel. Not playing into stereotypes at all. And what does it say about their real attitudes towards Israel and its never-ending occupation? They care about nothing other than their own power“.

In conclusion, Mahmoud Abbas won the bid by 138 in favor with 9 against and 46 ‘excuse me USrael’ votes. Both the US and Israel has threatened to impose ‘crippling sanctions’ against Abbas’ Fatah rule in the West Bank.

Jewish Lobby slams Australian PM | Rehmat's World