On Friday, Israeli daily The Jerusalem Post published former Zionist foreign minister and daughter of a European Jewish terrorist, Tzipi Livni, in which she called PA victory at the UN General Assembly Thursday, a “strategic terrorist attack”.

She predicted that PA’s upgraded non-member observer state at the world body would weaken Zionist regime in future negotiations with the Palestinians. PA’s bid was supported by 138 with 9 against it at the world body. Four of the nine anti-bid countries, Marshall Islands, Micronesia, Nauru ( the world’s smallest republic covering just 8.1 square miles with a population of 9, 378)), and Palau, with its approximately 20,000 inhabitants – are all former US Trust Territories. Czech Republic was the only European nation which voted with US-Israel. The remaining two Israeli poodles were Canada and Panama.

Tehran, Hamas and Hizballah have welcomed the UN “yes” vote on Friday.

”This is a new victory on the road to the liberation of Palestine and return and we congratulate ourselves. We in Hamas consider this a shared achievement that casts joy on our people,” senior Hamas official, Ahmed Yussef, said on Friday.

Britain’s veteran journalist and author, Alan Hart, says that Palestinian people should not settle less than a Palestinian state over the entire historical Palestine.

“We are truly grateful for this recognition of our rights and claim for justice, but we must also be realistic. Zionism has no interest in a two-state solution so we must move on. One state with equal rights for all is the only way of preventing a catastrophe for all,” says Alan.

Peter Betnart writing at the Jewish The Daily Beast admitted that American Jewish Lobby with all its influence over Obama administration could not stop PA bid because Washington itself was isolated at the world forum and it did not have the veto power there to protect Israel.

Israeli-born Jewish blogger Gilad Atzmon wrote on November 30: “This (UN)united opposition to Israel is not in response the Israeli strength. On the contrary, it is actually a reaction to Israeli weakness. In the last few months we have seen the complete and final eradication of the famed Israeli power of deterrence. For months, Israel gave the impression that it was ready and willing to attack Iran nuclear facilities, only to have to admit, even to itself, that it lacked both the means and guts to do so. Israel then launched a lethal attack on the people of Gaza. It called up 75,000 IDF reservists, only to find out that it didn’t have the stomach to face Palestinian resistance“.

No matter what the ‘political pundits’ say – the fact is though the PA’s enhanced status is just symbolic – it came as a surprise to Americans how their country has become isolated within the international community including their staunch allies (France, Germany, Britain, Poland, India, Turkey, etc.) for Washington’s blind support for the Zionist regime.

Tzipi Livni: PA bid at UN is a ‘strategic terrorist attack’ | Rehmat's World