On Thursday, Israelis allowed King Abdullah II to enter the West Bank via a helicopter. The western media termed King’s visit as an obvious support for the PA president Mahmoud Abbas, a US-Israeli double agent, victory at the United Nations. Mahmoud Abbas mandate as elected president of Palestinian Authority expired in January 2009. He has ruled the West Bank by a degree supported by the US, EU and Israel.

Last month, in 174:6 vote, the United Nations Assembly awarded Palestinian Authority (PA) a non-member observer state.

Abbas and the king are political allies, and last met Sunday in Jordan, during one of the Palestinian leader’s frequent stops in the neighbouring kingdom. But Thursday’s visit was just the third time the king has visited the West Bank, and the first time in more than a year.

King Abdullah’s visit is meant as a booster to Mahmoud Abbas’s declining popularity against Islamic resistance Hamas which rules the Gaza Strip and victim of Israel’s daily airstrikes. Both Hamas and Islamic Jihad receive economic and military aid from Iran. Last month’s 8-day Israeli war on Gaza, Islamic Jihad, gave a crushing response to Israeli airstrikes by firing Iranian long-range rockets and anti-tank missiles.

Muslim Brotherhood affiliated politicians have increased their numbers in Jordanian parliament which scare the hell out of the western-educated King Abdullah, who speaks Hebrew fluently, and his Israeli and western supporters. Jordanian royal family receives an average of USAID $300 million annually to keep peace at the Israel-Jordan border.

Jordan and Egypt are only two countries which recognize the Jewish occupation of Palestine.

Jordanian King visits West Bank | Rehmat calling