On November 30, the retiring US secretary of state, Hillary Clinton, made an ‘antisemitic’ statement, claiming that Washington is open to bilateral talks about Iran’s nuclear program if Iran is “ever ready”. In response, Iran’s foreign minister Ali Akbar Salehi said that Tehran had already been talking with Washington through the 5+1 group. However, if Clinton mean comprehensive political negotiations between Iran and United States – it’s up to the Sureme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatulaah Ali Khamenei to decide.

“The Islamic Republic of Iran and the United States have already held talks about specific issues and there is no impediment to the repetition of them, but the decision about comprehensive political negotiations falls within the ambit of the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution,” Salehi said in an interview with the Persian service of IRNA, December 3, 2012.

Ayatullah Ali Khamenei has already stated that Iranian cannot believe in Washington’s sincerity to conduct meaningful dialogue as long the US and its anti-Iran allies continues to add new ‘crippling sanctions’ against Iran.

A recent report, “Weighing Benefits and Costs of International Sanctions Against Iran” by senior military, political and intelligence officials, has concluded that Tehran will never agree to curb its nuclear program unless the sanctions imposed against Iranian regime during the past decade are removed first. Professor Gary Sick (Columbia Universty), former White House adviser on Iran during Islamic Revolution (1979) has also stated in an interview at CNN (November 16, 2012) that to have peace in the Middle East, Barack Obama, needs to talk face-to-face with Iran. He also stated that to have such talk, Washington needs to ease-up on sanctions against Iran. In 2009, Iranian authorities, during the trail of US-Iranian citizen Kian Tajbaksh, had claimed Gary Sick to be a CIA agent. Gary denied the accusations by saying he held four meetings with Iranian president Ahmadinejad.

Former US Jewish ambassador to Saudi Arabia, Charles Freedman, has recently claimed that the illegal sanction could force Tehran to develop a nuclear device (I hope so). In 2009, Obama had nominated Freedman as head the National Intelligence Council (NIC). However, he was forced to drop the choice as result of vicious Jewish lobby campaign – claiming Freedman was a pro-Muslim.

Personally, I believe, the Iranian nuclear program has become a sign of national pride and no elected government in Iran will dare to curb it fully.

Pepe Escobar, a Brazilian investigative journalist, on December 6, 2012 – posted an article, entitled ‘Obama in Tehran‘, in which he stated that what is stopping Barack Obama to reach out to Tehran; the Pentagon, warmongering Zionist think tanks and state of Israel, “which is still determined to force the US into an attack on Iranian nuclear facilities that it desires“.

Last month, America’s leading foreign policy expert and Obama’s former national security advisor, Zbigniew Brzezinski, claimed that the powerful Jewish lobby groups have turned America into an Israeli mule.

Paul Pillar, former CIA analyst and National Intelligence officer (2000-05) has recently wrote on his National Interest blog for Obama to treat Netanyahu much the same way as he is dealing with Republicans in Congress over budget: “by taking his message campaign-style to the country”.

On December 4, convicted in 1991 for unlawfully hold sensitive information from Congress, Israel-Firster Jew Elliott Abrams claimed at the National Review Online that while Obama is showing support for Israel in public, in private, he is using America’s western allies to tighten screw on Netanyahu. Last year his wife, Rachel Abrams, on her blog ‘Bad Rachel’ had called Palestinian children “Devil’s spawn”.

Karl Schwarz in a September 2012 article had claimed that greed for oil has united the US, Europe, Israel and Saudi Arabia against the Islamic Republic.

“You can bet all you have that the Zionist Jews have already cut themselves into the Iranian oil, natural gas and uranium that they salivate like pavlov dogs to control. They covet it just like their greedy elites friends in London, Wall Street and DC.” Read the article here.

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