On Tuesday, Israeli foreign minister Avigdor Lieberman, in an effort to invoke western anti-Jewish guilt, criticized the Western nations for not joining Israel-US-Canada- Czech Republic against Palestinian Authority’s (PA) victory at UN General Assembly last month. Lieberman compared European nations’ action with their antisemitic attitude during late 1930s when they did not save German Jews from Nazis.

“Once again, Europe has ignored calls for Israel’s destruction. We have already seen this at the end of 1930s and the begining of 1940s when Europe knew what was happening in the concentration camps and didn’t act. Europe has slapped itself in the face,” Lieberman told Israel public radio.

Naturally, no one expected Lieberman to admit that it were Jewish groups in the United States and England which had declared war on German people by boycotting all trade with Germany even before Hitler assumed power. Now, the Jewish groups are applying similar dirty tricks against Palestinian and Iranian people. The German government’s response to the Jewish imposed ’crippling sanction’, was the best thing to happen to the World Zionist Movement in its history, as it proved to many Jews that European were born Jew-haters and that immigration to Palestine was the only answer: Zionism came to represnt the overwhelming majority of Jews solely by trickery and cooperation with Nazis by Zionist leaders.

Earlier this month, former Zionist foreign minister and daughter of a European Jewish terrorist, Tzipi Livni, had called PA victory as a ‘strategic terrorist attack‘.

As expected, Jewish media mistranslated Khaled Meshaal speech in Gaza and inserted notorious statement “wipe Israel off map”, wrongly attributed to Iran’s president Dr. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in 2005. In fact, what Ahmadinejad said in Persian was “a Middle East without Zionism”.

Israel invokes Europe’s Holocaust guilt | Rehmat's World