This week, the UN Security Council by a vote of 14:1 condemned the Zionist entity for its latest plan to construct new illegal Jewish settlements (E-1) in the occupied West bank and East Jerusalm. The lone vote against the resolution, as expected, was from Washington.

The Israel’s ‘allies’, Germany, France, Britain and Portugal issued a joint statement after the UNSC meeting, saying they’re “extremely concerned by, and strongly opposed, the plans by Israel to expand settlement construction in the West Bank including in East Jerusalem“.

Baroness Cathrine Ashton, European Union (EU) foreign policy chief, on Thursday, also blasted the Zionist regime for its “unprecedented” plan to increase illegal Jewish housing on land stolen from the native Palestinians. She, applied a thinly ‘antisemitic threat’ to “act accordingly” if the Zionist entity doesn’t back down.

I bet, Benjamin Netanyahu must be amused by the empty threats from the ‘Poodles of Zionism’. However, he could slightly be worried by criticism from over 400 American rabbis, cantor and students, who in a letter on Monday, have slammed Bibi for his non-kosher actions. In Judaism, disobeying rabbis is considered a major sin. “Whosoever, disobeys a ribbi, will burn in hell-fire forever,” says Jewish Holy Talmud.

The letter says Jews across the United Staes fear “building settlements in E-1 would be the final blow to a peaceful solution” to the Israel-Palestinian conflict. The letter was sponsored by pro-Israel American organizations, J-Street, Americans for Peace Now and Rabbis for Human Rights-North America.

“As American rabbis and cantors, we also fear that construction in E-1 damages the critical relationship between Israel and the United States. Construction in E-1 would violate repeated committments to the United States, dating back to 1994, not to build settlements in the area,” said the letter.

The J-Street is a pro-Israel American Jewish organization, which was established by Jeremy Ben-Ami, a former adviser in the Clinton Administration. The organization is registered as a ‘charitable organization’. The group’s policy is to convince US Administration to secure Zionist entity’s rule on 78% of the land stolen by the Jewish settlers, while do everything possible to establish a Palestinian state next to Zionist entity on the remaining 22% of pre-1948 Palestine under a pro-Israel regime. The only difference between J Street and other Israel lobbying groups (AIPAC, ADL, AJC, etc.) is that it covers its same Zionist colonial agenda under the ‘Gandhian mask’. It wants Washington to make Hamas, Hizb’Allah and Islamic Iran accept Zionist occupation of an Arab land – not by armed conflict but by negotiations.

In July 2011, J-Street arranged a meeting between seven top Israeli military officials and official from Obama’s National Security Council to discuss ways to legitimize Jewish occupation of Palestine.

UN, EU and 400 Rabbis slam Israel on settlements | Rehmat's World