The Zionist-controlled Western press is very exited about the failing health of anti-Israel Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez (born 1954). However, it’s almost silent about Iraqi president Jalal Talibani, who is fighting for his life in a hospital in Germany. He is being treated for a stroke by a team of doctors from Iran, Iraq and Germany. On January 5, Talibani’s office in Baghdad reported that he was showing a slight progress but is not out of danger.

Behind the scene, the Jewish lobby is campaigning for Talibani’s billionaire wife, Hero Ibrahim Ahmad Talibani (born 1948) known as ‘Hero Khan’, to replace her husband in case of his death or his inability tp perform his duties. Her father, Ibrahim Ahmad, an Iraqi-Kurdish politician, writer and founder of the Kurdish Democratic Party (KDP). American authored Iraqi constitution is based on Lebanon-style religious divide. While country’s elected prime minister comes from the Shia majority, the ceremonial presidency is allocated to Sunni minority.

Some KDP insiders have claimed that ‘Hero Khan’ is on friendly terms with former Zionist foreign minister Tsipi Livni and had met several Mossad and high-ranking Israeli military officials in the past. In June 2008, Hero Khan visited Simon Wiesenthal Center in Las Angelese (USA), an Israeli advocacy organization to learn Zionist narration of ‘Six Million Died’.

According to Shafaaq News Hero Khan is the front-runner in succession; to be the first woman to hold this position in the history of Iraq. Shame on the US and Israel for not allowing a woman to become country’s president.

Hero Khan gave an interview to Michael Rubin of Israel’s Jewish advocacy group American Enterprise Institute (AEI). Rubin had an adversarial relationship with the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) and the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) for years. Rubin at his blog AEI-Ideas, recently said: “Should Hero Khan assume the presidency, the results will be mixed. Traditionally, she has been more willing to stand up to the KDP than her husband. The symbolism of a female president in Iraq will be positive, especially against the backdrop of Muqtada al-Sadr’s fierce Islamism–though her accession will also reinforce the worst aspects of Iraqi wasta (male chauvinism)“. I wonder if Rubin knows that his Jewish religion is the most oppressive when it comes to female rights. A Jewish woman has no right to divorce her husband and a daily Jewish prayer for men Jews goes: “Thanks G-d for not making me a Goyim, a Woman or a Slave“.

“In the safe haven of Iraqi Kurdistan, the Jews and Israel are remembered fondly, if increasingly vaguely,” wrote Michael Rubin in ‘The Other Iraq’.

On August 20, 2012, Elizabeth Blade posted a 3-part article at Israel Today, entitled, ‘Quest for an Independent (Israel-friendly?) Kurdistan‘. She claimed that the Arab Spring had destablized the Arab world while pitting Muslims against fellow Muslims. This has provided a golden opportunity for the US to use discontended Kurdish communities in Turkey, Syria, Iraq and Iran in their aspirations (just like Jews) to have and independent homeland of their own. During US occupation of Iraq, Israel has already succeeded in creating an Israel-friendly autonomous Kurdish region (KRG) in southern Iraq.

Pro-Israeli Jews have strong-grip over KDP. Several of US Zionist Jewish leaders, such as Richard Perle and Michael Rubin, ran campaign for the break-up of Iraq into Arab and Kurdish states (like Sudan) though the AEI. Another group, ‘Washington Kurdish Institute’ is run by Mike Amitay, son former director of Israel Lobby (AIPAC) and chairman JINSA, Morris Amitay. Morris is also the founder of AEI and a member of ‘Coalition for Democracy in Iran (CDI)’. Morris is a Ziofacists like Daniel Pipes and former Homeland Security Secretary.

Hamma Mirwaisi, a US-Kurd author and writer, wrote at Kurd Net on December 18, 2010: “Thanks to the US Governments and Israeli support, Massoud Barzani is second Saddam Hussein to be deal with in Kurdistan now. Too much for the US and EU protections of Kurdish people!!!!.”

Leila Mazboudi has written an interesting investigating report on Iraq’s First Lady Hero Khan, which can be read here.

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