Speaking at the Jerusalem Post conference in New york on Sunday, Gen. Meir Dagan, former head of Israeli Mossad, said that removal of Syrian president Bashar al-Assad from power “will be highly beneficial for Israel from a strategic point of view; weaking Hizbullah, Iran and Hamas in the process“, reported Israeli daily Ha’aretz on April 29, 2013.

Dagan added that Tel Aviv should not be too concerned about the potential animosity a new regime in Damascus, saying that Saudi Arabia and Gulf regimes will do their utmost to ensure that the successor regime is moderate and pro-US and Israel.

Two other speakers at the said conference, Gen. Gabi Ashkenazi, former Jewish Army Chief and Gen. Amos Yadlin, former Jewish military intelligence chief – also assured the cheering Muslim-haters that the Zionist entity can attack the Islamic Republic – and capable of withstanding consequences of such an attack. They reminded that the recent multi-billion dollar US military aid to the Zionist entity “sends a signal” to Tehran about Israel’s capabilities.

Amos Yadlin, on the other hand emphasized that Tel Aviv rather prefer Washington to do the dirty work. “The United States has the capabilitiy to take out Iran’s nuclear program – but has not convinced Tehran that it will take such a step if it become necessary,” said Yadlin.

Jonathan Spyer, a senior researcher at the Global Research in International Affairs Centre in Herzliya, near Tel Aviv says: “The Assad regime is a dangerous force because of its alliance with Iran – but it is not fanatical, and has never supported hardline Islamist groups such as those leading the rebel fighting. But Assad going would be a blow to Hizbullah, which is the most powerful paramilitary force opposing Israel in the region“.

The Zionist entity received its first crushing defeat at the hands of a handful of Hizbullah freedom-fighters in Summer 2006.

US-Israel regimes have accused Assad government for using chemical weapons against the foreign insurgents who are responsible for the murder of over 60,000 Syrian military personnel and civilians. Damascus has denied the allegation and accused the White House for fabricating the lie to enforce a no-fly zone over Syria. Islamic movement magazine, Crescent International, in its April issue has posted a cartoon showing Netanyahu holding a tiny Obama puppet, saying: “Iran will have nuclear weapons in less than a year“.

According to high military intelligence sources in the West, the military opposition in Syria was dealt two severe and strategic blows in two weeks, the first one came when the Syrian forces succeeded in liberating and controlling Mando hill near Homs, and the second was when these forces captured the Outayba strategic town.

Washington indirectly arms the Syrian rebels by facilitating arms transfers, money, training, intelligence, etc. through third countries in order to change the military calculus with Damascus. Despite the hypocrisy, and since at least the spring of 2012, the US has facilitated arms shipments to the insurgents by states in the region, the most recent being the Saudi purchase of infantry equipment from its Croatian transit and delivered through Jordan in an orchestrated bid to open a southern front.

Syrian insurgents receive training in the countries surrounding Syria, and in Libya, and special training in the Gulf Arab states. British, French, and Arab intelligence are on the ground in Syria. Israel, its security agencies already in the game of assassinating high-ranking Syrians, has Washington’s green light for air attacks whose pretext is arms transfers to Hizballah, but whose real purpose is to humiliate and delegitimize an impotent regime. Essentially, arms, funds, training, and frequency of covert attacks against Damascus increased substantially.

“US policy in Syria is driven by one overriding goal: bring to power a compliant regime run either by the SMB or, preferably, by secularly leaning leaders and elites ready to align to and subordinate themselves with Washington, exactly like the Palestinian Authority has done. To that end, its policy of felling the Syrian regime of Bashar al-Assad, conceived years before the Syrian conflict erupted is perceived as a critical pathway towards weakening if not destroying Iran’s allies, Syria, Hizballah and Hamas. The US wants Syria in its orbit, a client at peace with Israel on Washington-Tel Aviv terms,” reported the Middle East Online, a Zionist propaganda outlet on March 10, 2013.

Dagan: ‘Syria’s Assad removal is good for Israel’ | Rehmat's World