President Barack Hussein Obama’s special adviser for the Muslim-majority Middle East, Gulf region and North Africa – Philip Gordon, a pro-Israel radical Zionist Jew is in Lebanon to meddle in June 16 parliamentary election.

On Tuesday, Gordon met Lebanon’s Christian President Michel Sleiman, Speaker Nabih Berri (Shia Muslim), caretaker Prime Minister Najib Mikati (Sunni Muslim), Prime Minister-designate Tammam Salam (Sunni Muslim), Lebanese Army Commander General Jean Qahwaji (Christian), and not to mention anti-Hizbullah March 14 politicians.

Afterwards, Gordon expressed United States’ grave concern about the situation in Syria and condemned continued shelling of Lebanese territory from neighboring country. However, Gordon avoided Israel’s frequent violations of Lebanese airspace or US-Israeli support for March 14 politicians.

Hariri-owned anti-Hizbullah Lebanese newspaper, Daily Star, reported US embassy in Beirut statement in which Gordon condemned Islamic Resistance group Hizbullah for supporting Syrian regime.

Gordon reiterated the United States’ support for the principles of the Baabda Declaration and Lebanon’s dissociation policy, calling on all parties in the region “to avoid any actions that would exacerbate the crisis in Syria, increase the propensity for spillover violence, and negatively affect civilian populations.”

In his recent speech, Hizbullah leader, Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah warned the US, Israel and their Arab poodles that Syria’s regional friends (Iran, Lebanon and Iraq) would never allow a regime change in Damascus.

Lebanon has adopted a self-distancing policy towards what’s happening in Syria since the crisis erupted more than two years ago.

On US nuclear problem with Iran, Philip Gordon said in 2008: “The best approach to Iranian nuclear issue remains one that uses all possible political, diplomatic and economic leverage to convince the Irania leadership that the cost of defying the “international community” (read governments controlled by Zionists) are greater than the benefit of a nuclear capability“.

Last month, Yossi Melman, Israeli journalist and author told RT that Israel prefers the US attack Iran as Israel itself doesn’t has the capability to do it.

“Israel wants America to attack Iran as a last resort. If diplomacy fails, and it has failed so far, if the sanctions aren’t working. At the end of the day Iran wouldn’t cave in to the pressure and would assemble a bomb. In such a case Israel prefers the US to do the job not only because it’s more convenient. Above all the US has the capability to inflict a major blow on Iran’s nuclear sites, while Israel’s capabilities are very limited,” said Yossi.

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