On May 21, 2013, the Qatar-based Al-Jazeera English-language channel in Doha republished the modified version of its Op-Ed, entitled “The Last of the Semites“, written by Professor Joseph Massad (Columbia University) and Middle East scholar. Read the original uncensored article here.

Personally, I’m least surprised by Al-Jazeera English’s deletion of Massad’s Op-Ed, knowing that AJE is totally controlled by Jewish-Zionist Mafia. In 2006, Gideon Ezra, former deputy head of Israeli General Security Service, said: “I wish all Arab media are like Al-Jazeera“.

As soon as the article hit the internet, Israel Hasbara Committee goons started a smear campaign against Joseph Massad and the Columbia University. Ex-Israeli security guard, Jeffrey Goldberg (The Atlantic), wrote: “One of the most anti-Jewish screeds in recent memory“. Liam Hoare blogged at Tumblr: “Massad’s view boiled down to a total perversion of Jewish history and what Herzl actually thought and wrote“. Lyn Julius (The Daily Beast) spewed his Jewish hatred toward Palestinians, Massad and Columbia University. Israeli daily, The Jerusalem Post called the article “Massad’s obsession with Israel“. The Jewish CIF Watch and algemeiner blasted both Massad and Jewish journalist and author, Glenn Greenwald (UK’s Guardian) for supporting Massad, calling the article “an ugly disgusting rant“.

Jordanian-born Palestinian Christian, Professor Massad began his article by saying the unholy truth: “It’s Israel’s claims that it represents and speaks for all Jews that are the most anti-Semite of all“. His statement is not far away from historical truth. For example, Roger Tucker, an American Jewish writer and blogger wrote in March 2009: “Israel cannot exist except in a state of war with an external enemy. Those who have lived there, like myself, know full well that absent a unifying enemy, Israelis would go at one another like cats and dogs and the so-called State would quickly dissolve into chaos. After all, Israel is comprised of a melting pot population that is only nominally “Jewish” and has no commonality other than the mostly fictitious Zionist narrative, a resurrected dead language, and the dubious opportunity to lord it over the untermenschen. It is only the Zionist elite who benefit by this ongoing tragedy – ordinary Israelis and Jews worldwide are as much victims of this scheme as are the Palestinians. They haven’t suffered to anywhere near the same extent yet, but give it time. History has a way of repeating itself, and we all know that what goes around comes around. I can tell you that Jews like myself, who are aware of what has been going on and can see the handwriting on the wall, have no great desire to be up against the wall when the shit hits the fan.

Is Zionism = antisemitism? Well, most of its earlier leaders including Theodor Herzl, Chaim Weizmann, Frishman, Lenni Brenner, Berdichevsky, AD. Gordon, Schawadron, Klatzkin, Pinsker, Israel Joshua Singer, Chaim Kaplan and many more are known for their hatred for the Jews.

Zionist Jewish writer, Chaim Kaplan, who kept a diary during the Warsaw ghetto uprising, recorded in his diary: “Every nation, in its time of misfortune, has conspirators who do their work in secret. In our case an entire nation has been raised on conspiracy. With others the conspiracy is political; with us it is religious and national”.

In 2004, former Jewish Congressman Anthony David Weiner (D-NY), who was forced to resign as result of sex scandal – had asked Columbia University president Lee Bollinger (Ashkenazi Jew) to fire Dr. Stephen Massad for being “a Jew hater”.

On June 29, 2009, Jacob Gershman, Jewish Zionist journalist posted a column at the New York Post, condemning Columbia University for awarding Dr. Massad tenure in May 2009. He summed up University’s Middle East Studies Department: “Israel is racist, and homosexuality is an insidious Western invention“. A few year ago, under pressure from powerful pro-Israel Jewish Campus mafia, Hillel, Columbia University had refused to hire Dr. Massad who, incidently earned his Ph.D from there.

Campus Media Watch (CMW), a pro-Israel Jewish advocacy group at Columbia University affiliated with Jewish think tank CAMERA, was caught eavesdropping on Dr. Massad’s class in 2010.

Columbia University is part of elite Ivy League with more than 40% its students being Jewish. Late Edward Said used to teach at Columbia University. On September 24, 2007, Iranian President Dr. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad delivered a speech at Columbia University, which was boycotted by the New York City Jewish Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

Listen to Dr. Massad’s speech at the Second Palestine Solidarity Conference, Stuttgart (May 10-12, 2013) below.

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