It’s amazing how religious and political Zionist Jewish leaders in the West are so obsessed with Lebanese Islamic Resistance Hizbullah. They have used every possible pressure (bombing, bribe, sanction and military threats, propaganda lies, etc.) to isolate Hizbullah from the international community. However, so far, they’ve succeeded in convincing only six United Nations member nations (the US, UK, Canada, Israel, Netherlands and Bahrain) to declare Hizbullah “a terrorist organization”. However, with the exception of Netherlands, all others nations have classified military-wing of Hizbullah as “terrorist organization”.

Since Israeli Mossad pulled a false flag operation in Bulgaria, Washington and London have been pushing European Union to classify Hizbullah a “terrorist organization”. Interestingly, both Bulgaria and the EU have resisted so far to follow US-Israel lead against Hizbullah.

Early this month, British Jewish Labour MP Michael McCann, demanded in the House of Commons that David Cameron, who had boasted his Jewish family roots, government classify whole Hizbullah as a “terrorist organization” and not just its military wing. To prove his point, McCann, vice-chairman of the “Labour Friends of Israel“, parroted every Israeli hasbara lie about Hizbullah, Iran, Hamas and Syria. He concluded his hateful rant with the message: “Any EU ban would send a powerful message that we do not tolerate Hezbollah’s and Iran’s terrorism“.

British veteran journalist, Stuart Littlewood, wrote an article on this “Jewish obsession”, entitled UK trying to ‘noble’ Nasrallah, published by daily Al-Arabia on May 27, 2013.

“For a start, what’s causing instability in the region are the armed jihadist groups in Syria and the thousands of international terrorists backed by the West (including Britain), the Gulf states and Turkey who provide them with weapons or money or both. There is an EU ban on supplying arms to these terror groups but our foreign secretary, Agent Hague, is working feverishly to overturn it in his eagerness to topple Assad, presumably for the benefit of Israel whose devoted friend he has been since schooldays,” says Stuart Littlewood.

Hizbullah was established in Shite-majority south Lebanon to liberate their homeland from the Jewish occupation of 1982. It fought the occupation force for 18 years without suicide bombing – and finally was able to force the Jewish army and its Christian collaborators to withdraw from south Lebanon in May 2000. Last year, Zionist entity commemorated its defeat by threatening Hizbullah with a new war.

“So Hezbollah (the ‘party of God’) came into being for perfectly good reasons. If Iran helped them, so what? The US funds and arms Israel (over $3 billion per year),” says Littlewood.

The Zionist entity is the largest receipant (46%) of annual USAID. According to some estimates, US taxpayers have donated over three trillion dollars to the Zionist entity with a Jewish poppulation of less than 5 million.

“In their 1985 manifesto Hezbollah’s aims included Israel’s departure, an end to imperialist power in Lebanon, bringing the Phalangists to justice, and allowing the people to choose the system of government they wanted while maintaining their own preference for Islamic rule. Yes, Hezbollah dreams of Israel’s demise but who in the Middle East doesn’t?,” says Littlewood.

After Sheikh Nasrallah’s May 25, 2013 speech in which he predicted defeat of US-Israel in Syria - the Jewish lobby has circulated an old tape of young Nasrallah’s speech in 1988, before he became the head of Hizbullah. Nasrallah’s speech is translated by Jewish-Israeli propaganda outfit, Middle East Media Research Institute (Memri). It was founded by Israeli Col. Colonel Yigal Carmon who spent 22 years in Israeli military intelligence and later served as counter-terrorism adviser to two Israeli prime ministers, Yitzhak Shamir and Yitzhak Rabin.

According to Memri’s mistranslation – young Nasrallah said: “Lebanon should not be an Islamic republic on its own, but rather, part of the Greater Islamic Republic, governed by the Master of Time (Imam Mahdi), and his rightful deputy, the Jurisprudent Ruler, Imam Khomeini“.

How sad, Imam Khomeini is dead – and there is no sign of Imam Mehdi or Christ, who according to Evangelics will convert Jews to Christianity or kill them.

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