World’s No.1 online auction website, the eBay, has listed an olam haba’ah (a place in Paradise) for sale, which one of the 180 bidders wants to buy for US$100,000.

The holy item was put for sale by a Jewish college student Mandel, 30 under the pseudonym Rachmuna Litzlon (a Talmudic phrase that introduces bad news). As result of protest by some Jewish groups, eBay, has pulled down the add from its site now. In a note to the vendor, eBay said that the offer went against its policy on “intangible items”. One commemtator wrote on the website: “I never thought we Jews would stoop so low“.

The $60 billion worth eBay online site was given birth by a French-Iranian Canadian Pierre Omidyar in 1993. A few year later, Omidyar took Canadian-born Jewish Jeff Skoll as his partner. Skoll sold his shares for $2 billion in 2005 and left the eBay due to his bad heath. Jeff Skoll created the Skoll Foundation with $250 million donation.

The people who cannot afford such expensive “Jewish place in Paradise” – may be happy to know that former Israeli military officials, Daniel Rudasevski and Rafi Museri, and their Israeli friends, have developed a beach town Pedasi in Panama. The Jewish Daily Forward ran an article on Pedasi, calling it “Jewish Mecca” on January 8, 2013.

In the past, Israelis had created a Paradise spot in Kenya, the Paradise Mombassa hotel or When Jewish Goy-hatred meets Israeli Swagger. The hotel was bombed on November 22, 2002 by Israeli Mossad once Israeli Hebrew media exposed the hotel to be an African brothel for rabbis and wealthy Jewish tourists. British Jewish writer and blogger, Paul Eisen, posted the transaltion of a Hebrew article by Gilad Atzmon (originally published at Jewish blog ‘PeacePalestine’ in 2004) on November 8, 2012, with his own comment: “It was the rumblings of the sex abuse scandal about to engulf Britain that reminded me of this atonishing piece. Why? Because it seems to me, that wherever there is absolute power, pitiless sexual abuse is never far-off. And who, in this world, are more convinced of their absolute power than Jews and Israelis?“.

eBay offers ?Jewish place in Paradise? for $100,000 | Rehmat's World