Yesterday, hundreds of millions of Muslims and non-Muslims in Iran and around the world marked the 24th death anniversary of the greatest political and religious Islamic personality of the last century, the Leader of Islamic Revolution, Imam Ruhollah Muavi Khomeini (May 17, 1900-June 4, 1989).

In Islamic Republic, commemoration at Imam’s shrine in Tehran was lead by Iran’s Spiritual Leader, Ayatullah Ali Khamenei. It was attended by country’s President Dr. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad along with high-ranking government officials, clerics, representatives of non-Muslim minorities, and ambassadors from foreign nations. The eight presidential hopefuls in the June election were also guests at the commemoration ceremony.

Sayyid Hassan Khomeini, grandson of Imam Khomeini and the guardian of Imam’s mausoleum, was the first speeaker at the ceremony, followed by Ayatullah Ali Khamenei. Khamenei was welcomed by audience, who chanted slogans such as “O gallant Leader, we are ready for obeying your orders” and “The blood in our veins is dedicated to our leader“.

Ayatullah Khamenei in his addressed said that remarks by the US on Iran’s upcoming elections were so stupid they did not deserve a response.

“The enemies intend to turn these elections into threats against the Islamic system, while the elections are great opportunities for the Islamic system,” said the Rahbar.

“The most important matter in the (Presidential) election is to create a political epic and the enthusiastic participation of the people in the polls,” he added.

Jewish Al-Monitor website claimed on May 26 that the disqualification of former president Ayatullah Rafsanjani was because ” the radicals seek to stay in power and prevent moderate figures having influence in Iran’s politics“. And how Rafsanjani, a lieutenant of late Imam Khomeini became “moderate”? Because he had criticized President Ahmadinejad’s foreign policy in the recent years. The website also claimed that a possible victory of Rafsanjani ” could have been interpreted as a signal to the West and especially the United States that if the intend to solve the dispute over Iran’s nuclear issue in honesty, they could use the opportunity to do so, thus preventing a likely devastating military conflict“. I wonder the idiot meant a “military conflict” with the Zionist regime or its American poodles?

On January 7, 2013, Jay Newton-Small in an article posted at Swampland TIME had claimed that the Zionist regime was pushing the United States to attack Iran, even though the later made offers to resolve the country’s nuclear issues by peaceful means.

In January 1980, the Jewish TIME magazine named Imam Khomeini ‘Man of the Year‘ for his international influence and described him as the “virtual face of Islam in Western popular culture”.

See photos of Imam Khomeini’ funeral procession at my blog.

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