Yesterday, Washington urged Damascus not to jeopardize its May 1974 ceasefire with Israel. The US appeal came after the western-sponsored rebels who were chased out of strategic Qusayr by loyal Syrian forces, took refuge in the Israeli occupied Golan Heights. The Syrian Golan Heights was occupied by the Jewish army in June 1967.

“We’ve been very clear about our concerns over regional instability caused by the crisis in Syria. We continue to call upon all parties to avoid any action that would jeopardize the long-held ceasefire between Israel and Syria,” said State Department Jewish spokeswoman Jennifer Psaki during a briefing with reporters Thursday night.

Early today, the Syrian army recaptured the only Golan Heights crossing (Quneitra crossing) with the Zionist entity. This was another military set-back to US-Israel dream of an anti-Resistance regime change in Damascus.

On May 15, several Israeli newpapers had reported that Tel Aviv believes “Tehran has convinced Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to allow Hizbullah to open a new front from which to attack Israel in the Golan Heights“.

Hizbullah is the only Arab militia which succeeded in defeating the Jewish army in Summer 2006.

Obama administration is concerned that with the withdrawal of 377 Austrain troops within the UN Disengagement Observer Force (UNDOF) enforcing the Syria-Israel ceasefire on Thursday – the remaining 341 troops from Philippines and 193 from India, could not stop even a dozen of Hizbullah fighters.

Ban Ki-moon, the UN secretary general has also urged both Syria and Israel to avoid breaking the long-held ceasefire along the disputed Golan Heights, 70% of which is home to illegal Jewish settlers. Majority of the remaining native Syrian inhabitants are non-Muslim Druze. Over one million Druze live in Syria and Lebanon while over 100,000 are Israeli citizens and some of them serve in Israel Occupation Force (IOF) and Border Police.

Lebanon was carved out of Muslim majority Syria by the French occupation forces in 1920.

In order to secure Israel’s borders with Egypt and Jordan – John Kerry just released $1.3 billion annual military aid to Egypt against protests from several pro-Israel lawmakers. Egypt has been receiving this annual bribe to keep Rafah crossing closed for Palestinian resistance groups, Hamas and Islamic Jihad.

Jordan which became the second Arab neighbor to recognize Jewish occupation of Palestine in 1994 – has been receiving $300 million annual US military aid to maintain peace at its border with Israel. On March 20, 2013, David Schenker, a director at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy (WINEP), an Israeli advocacy group, in an Op-Ed at the Wall Street Journal, advised Obama administration to do everything in its power to keep King Abdullah II in power. Abdullah, like is father late King Hussein is considered a “trusted friend” by most Israeli leaders.

Lebanon-Israel border is controlled by 4,500-strong UN Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL) since 1978 after a disengagement agreement which resulted the end of Israeli occupation of Lebanon. The Israeli leaders don’t trust UNIFIL because it refuses to support Israeli propaganda lies all the times. For example, in 2010, Michael Williams, the UN special coordinator for Lebanon said that UNIFIL found no evidence to support Israel’s allegations about Hizbullah weapons cache south of Litani River.

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