In a 2011 post, I described Israel as a rich parasite entity. I was not wrong. According to a study conducted by the Hebrew University, the Israelis are taught to expect money from the Jewry in the rest of the world, like New York and Los Angeles in addition to annual US aid in billions.

According to the study, Israelis are less likely to send donations abroad as compared with most citizens of European countries and United States. Over the last decade, 0.1% of individual charitable funds raised in Israel went to international relief, compared with 48% in Belgium, 13% in Italy and 5% in United States.

“Israelis in general are not so generous in giving, internationally and even inside Israel. People are suspicious about giving money. There’s an anti-philanthropist feeling. Even though Israel was built by philanthropists, today surveys show that Israelis think philanthropies are self-interested, political and wasteful,” says Hillel Schmid, head of Center for the Study of Philanthropy at Jerusalem Hebrew University.

The study reported, that along with Mexico and Chile, Israel gives the least as a percentage of gross national income among 34 members of Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).

Israelis give one tenth of the United Nations’ target rate, lagging behind Turkey, Poland, Slovakia and Greece, according to OCED report.

In June 2003, Thomas R. Stauffer (Harvard University and Georgetown University) estimated that between 1970-2002, Israel has cost $3 trillion to the US taxpayers. Furthermore, based on five million Jewish population, Israel has more billionaires and millionaires than the 305 million Americans.

However, collecting money for the Zionist entity is a lucrative business in United States. Last month, Eric Schneiderman, New York State’s Jewish Attorney General, took Yaakov Weingarten, 52 and his wife, Rivka, 52, and two of his employees, Simon Weiss, 28, and David Yifat, 66, to court for operating 19 fraudulent set-ups intended to aggressively hoodwink Israel supporters into donations that were mostly used for their own benefit.

In another report released by OECD in May 2013 said that Israel has the highest poverty rate (21%) among the OECD members. In addition the report ranked Israel fifth with regard to income gaps after Chile, Mexico, Turkey and United States.

Readers should not be fooled by Israel’s humanitarian aid in disaster-striken Haiti, Fukushima, Hurrican Katrina, Africa, etc., because it was meant to remove any proof of Israeli involvement or for stealing human organs. Read here and here and here.

Wealthy American Jews who donate millions of tax-free dollars to buy lawmakers for Israel – give less than 1.4% of their earnings to charitable causes – according to a 2004 report by Steven M. Cohen. A 2007 study by Gary Tobin and Aryeh Weinberg found that 28% of mega-gifts from Jewish donors support higher education, while only 8% of mega-gifts are for the public/society benefit or social services.

Study: Israelis are least giving people | Rehmat's World