Barack Obama’s nominee for the post of assistant secretary of state for European and Eurasian affairs, Victoria Nuland (Nudelman), 52, is a pro-Israel Zionist Jew. On July 11, 2013, during he confirmation, she testified before the Senate Foreign Relation Committee. She told the lawmakers that Turkey is a critical ally of United States in the Middle East.

“Our alliance and relationship with Turkey is absolutely critical not only in the Eurasian space but also in all the work that we’re doing now in the Middle East and North Africa and particularly with regard to Syria. I think it’s because we have such an intense and tight relationship and because we have constant contact I think, the Secretary of State John Kerry now made 7 plus visits to Turkey, President Obama talks regularly with Prime Minister Erdoğan, that we can speak very clearly and very frankly,” she said.

Like her previous boss, John Kerry, she is expected to pass the Senate with 100% marks.

Nuland is married to neoconservative Jewish writer Robert Kagan, a senior fellow at pro-Israel advocacy group Brookings Institution.

A frienship with Ankara has always been critical for both United States and the Zionist entity. The main reason behind such friendship, is to establish and maintain pro-Israel kings and military dictators among the strategically located Muslim nation-states in the Middle East. Both Turkey and Iran, under pressure from Washington, were the first Muslim nation-states that recognized the Zionists’ occupation of Palestine in 1949. Turkey is the only Muslim majority member of NATO.

Yossi Mekelberg, a ME scholar at the pro-Israel Catham House in London, stated in pro-Saudi Arabia Al-Arabia (March 29, 2013) that even though Netanyahu and Erdogan seem to hate each other – a close cooperation between the two countries is very critical due to common threats from Syria, Iran, Egypt and Lebanon. Mekelberg says that the political upheaval among Israel’s neighbors has made Tel Aviv feel that it could use Ankara’s help. “The world around Israel is changing, and the only source of stability around right now is Turkey,” he said.

It seems, Mekelberg’s prediction about Turkey’s stability went wrong. Turkey, now, is also facing its anti-government mass protests as result of Erdogan’s misguided policy in Syria. Early this month, Turkey’s deputy prime minister Beşir Atalay accused pro-Israel foreign Jewish groups for exploiting the anti-government protests.

Two former Israeli ambassadors in Ankara, Uri Bar Ner and Zvi Elpeleg also said in interviews that no other regional country, other than Turkey can understand Israel better, as they’re the only two democracies in the region and both are victims of terrorism (Kurdish and Palestinians).

“Erdoğan called us a terrorist state, but I think we will surely overcome this. Israel would continue dialogue with the Turkish government. However, let me tell you that any vehement rhetoric against Israel is not helpful,” Bar Ner told Turkish Hurriyet Daily News, recently.

No political aware person is going to be fooled by Obama, Kerry or Nuland rhetoric on importance of Turkey to United States. They’re buttering Ankara because its support for Israel is very crucial for the survival of the Zionist entity. The recent military coup against Egypt’s elected president Dr. Mohamed Morsi, was part of the same American chess game played in the region.

Erdogan visited White House on Obama’s invitation in May this year. It only happened after Erdogan accepted Netanyahu’s apology for killing nine Turkish aid workers aboard Gaza flotilla in 2010. During his visit, the Brookings Institute hosted an event in honor of Erdogan on July 17, 2013. Erdogan was welcomed by organization’s Zionist Jew president Strobe Talbott and Martin Indyk, Jewish vice-president of Brookings. Indyk, served as US ambassador to Israel in the past. He is the author of US policy of “Dual Containment”, which sought to contain both Iraq and Iran for Israel’s defense.

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