Yesterday, Iran’s President-elect, Dr. Hassan Rouhani, made fun of Zionist prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s threat of military actions alone or with the help of United States over Iran’s nuclear program. Netanyahu repeated his threats in an interview with CBS last week. Netanyahu also called Rouhani “a wolf in sheep’s clothing”.

Speaking at a gathering of Iraq-Iran war veterans on Wednesday, Rouhani said: “When some (the US) say that all options are on the table and when a miserable regional country (Israel) says such things, it makes you laugh.”

“Who are the Zionists to threaten us?,” added Rouhani.

Rouhani also said that warnings of an Iranian retaliation had stopped Israel from carrying out its threats to launch strikes on the country.

On Tuesday, Rouhani reaffirmed Tehran’s continued support for Hizbullah, Hamas and Syria, while hailing their military resistance against the Zionist entity.

In response to Netanyahu’s rant, twenty-nine prominent former government officials, diplomats, military officials and national security experts sent a letter to Barack Obama on July 15, 2013, urging him to pursue direct negotiations with the newly elected Iranian president.

The letter cautions that “diplomacy will only succeed if we are prepared to leverage existing sanctions and other incentives in exchange for reciprocal Iranian concessions,” and said that “in the leadup to Rouhani’s inauguration, it is critical that all parties abstain from provocative actions that could imperil this diplomatic opportunity.”

What the anti-Ahmadinejad Jewish-controlled media hate to tell its audience, is that Hassan Rouhani, a Shia cleric, is very close to the Supreme Leader Ayatullah Ali Khamenie. Rouhani’s victory over his five non-cleric opponents shows how Iranians are committed to country’s 1979 Islamic Revolution.

Professor Hossein Mousavian (Princeton University), a former spokesperson for Iran’s nuclear negotiation team lead by Hassan Rouhani, said in a recent interview that Iran’s position over its nuclear program under Rouhani administration would not change unless Washington stop bullying Tehran. “As long as the US policy of “all options on the table” remains valid, Iran as a sovereign state is forced to also have “all options on the table,” he said.

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